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Elektronika is a research project that aims to develop a historiography of electronic music in Malta. This project was developed from ongoing collaboration between the M3P Foundation and Electronic Music Malta.

The project was launched on Wednesday 21 October 2020 during Circuits at Spazju Kreattiv. The launch event featured a presentation by Michael Bugeja with a running commentary by Toni Sant, moderated by Edwin Balzan.

Below is a working list of electronic bands and artists from Malta or with a Maltese connection, which we hope to expand on by inviting contributions and suggestions from anyone in possession of information, recordings, newspaper and magazine cuttings, visuals, flyers, posters, etc and/or any other object that can help this project reach its goal.

List of Maltese Electronic Bands and Artists

Band or Artist Years active Official Releases
43 Ltd
Acidulant 2008 - to date Y
Alias 1 Y
Art in Glass 1984 - 1987 Y
Artwork Y
Ayn Il Widen 2019 - to date Y
A-Mag Y
Bark Bark Disco 2013 - to date Y
Bound by Sound 1997 - 1999 N
Brian James 1990 - to date Y
Brian Vassallo 1998 - to date Y
Capitol K 1999 - to date Y
Chi-2 N
Clifford Borg Y
Crux Y
Cv/Gate Y
Cygna Y
Dean Demanuele Y
Depth 2007 - to date Y
DeeMagic 1995 - 1996 Y
Deepfunk Y
DLAM 2011 - Y
Dolls for Idols 2009 - 2013 Y
Duo Blank 1998 - to date Y
Ed Blank 1998 - to date Y
Electronic Travellers 2013 - 2017 Y
Frank Blank 1998 - to date Y
Hysteric Maniac Y
JOON 2020 - to date Y
Kemic-Al Y
Klasterfijld 2013 - to date Y
KNTRL 2014 - to date Y
Koncept M 1998 - to date
Kurt Buttigieg 2000 - to date Y
Lords of Bass
Lucy's Last Y
Malt.Tabulated Sounds 2005 - to date Y
Maltese Massive Y
Matematikal Y
May We Ask You All For Silence 2008 - to date Y
Megapulse Y
Melchior Sultana Y
Microlith Y
Mirage Y
Mood Project 1995 - 1996 N
Odyssey Music 2017 - to date
Owen Jay Y
Oxygyn Y
Parallaks 2017 - to date Y
Particle Blue Y
Plato's Dream Machine 2009 - 2018 Y
Progeny 1989 - 1990 N
Q Factory Incorporated 1991 - 1993 Y
RAIM 2014 - to date Y
Ray Buttigieg 1974 - to date Y
Rhythm Masters 1993 - to date Y
Rift Valley Y
Robert Farrugia Y
Rough Sea
Semitic Groove Foundation 1996 - to date Y
Sir Round 2004 - 2006 Y
Sequela Y
Senserogen Y
Sinister Cyborgs 1998 - 1999 Y
Sonitus Eco 2011 - to date Y
Sound Synthesis 2008 - to date Y
South Central 2005 - 2016 Y
Splitting Voices 1985 - 1987 N
Spooky Monkey Y
Stimulus Timbre 2012 - to date Y
Structure N
Subverts 1984 - 1988 N
Tenishia 2004 - to date Y
The Alter 1996 - 1999 N
The Automates 1996 N
The Exit N
The Joy Circuit 1986 - 1988 N
The Motive Y
Tim Mason 2011 - to date Y
Toby Y
Twilight Moods (Niki Falzon) Y
U-Bahn 2000 - 2010 Y
Upside Images N
Volume A Y
Web 1994 - 1996 Y
Wh0 2017 - to date Y
X-Tend 1984 - to date Y
YEWS 2011 - 2020 Y

List of Maltese record labels

Name of Label Years active Comments
Batti Batti
Complex Holiday 2020 - to date
Glass Republic 2000 - 2001
HAAR Records
Noise Alliance
Pinkpube 2005 - 2011
Profound Sound
Sonic Mecca
Toppling Colossus
Wave Function
Wirebox Records

List of key people

Name Role Comments
Charles Dalli
Clint Spiteri
Daniel Sant
David Vella
Denis Vella
Edwin Balzan
Joe Baldacchino
Marco 'Larski' Ellul
Mark Kram
Martin Farrugia
Niki Gravino
Paul Abela
Ray Tabone
Robert Longo
Simon Psaila

List of venues

Name of Venue Locality Comments
Going Places
Poxx Bar
Sky Club
The Generator

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