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Maltese Massive, sometimes known as Maltezze Massive, was a duo featuring Maltese DJ and musician Robert Bruce Chetcuti and English DJ and producer Stephen Michael McGuiness.

They released their debut 12" single "Everybody Shake Your Body" on the Labello Dance record label in 1994 and went on to release three more 12" singles before the project was dissolved.

The pair later formed Rhythm Masters and set up a studio and the Disfunktional Recordings record label in 1995.


Artist Release Type Digital CD Vinyl Cassette Tape Label Catalog No. Year of release Remarks
Maltese Massive Everybody shake your body Single - - Y - Labello Dance LAD09 1994
Maltese Massive La Nuela/ Confusion Single - - Y - Labello Dance LAD14 1994
Maltese Massive Hey Everybody Single - - Y - Kool World Records KWR007 1995
Maltese Massive Hi Energy Single - - Y - Kool World Records KWR015 1996