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The journey started many years ago while hanging out at the usual record shop , Daren Zammit (kapslok) and Darren Borg (Dj Darren) were invited by their friend the shop owner to try out his newly bought Cd recorder. So they grabbed a copy of their favorite tunes and settled down on the decks. With closed doors and a bottle of vodka the owner and his friends were enjoying the set quite well, so much that it was for sale the following morning!

Surprised by the output the two decided to fuse their Djing skills and be the first DJ duo in Malta.So DFD were born and slowly their name started to be seen on local event flyers such as…Tribu…Disorder…Future Classics…Substance…Nova…Dclub…and more.They were the break of the norm among those who were fed up of listening to the same hard monotone tracks.Their style is a blend of techno , electro and modern electronica beats topped up with new wave synth pop. A fusion which became their trademark on the decks and inspiration in the studio. Kapslok who had a small studio with a couple of synths and a computer invited Dj Darren to elevate their Djing route to another level and start producing. The first output was a short Live P.A at their own party in August 2001. The loyal crowd and friends enjoyed what was locked inside a room for some months and this gave them the confidence to continue.