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Justin Meli

Justin Meli is a Maltese electronic music producer, DJ, synthesizer collector and sound design enthusiast. He produces and records original works under several aliases, including the solo projects Sonitus Eco, ipconfig and Silence Of Space as well as collaborative projects Cv/Gate, May We Ask You All For Silence and DLAM.

In 2016, together with his long-time collaborator infinitedub, he set up HAAR Records, a vinyl and digital record label to release their music and works by various friends and artists. The label's first release was HRVA001 - Precipitation, a compilation of tracks dedicated to the sound and vision of the label. In 2018, the label releases a second compilation featuring 29 tracks by Maltese electronic artists. HRSVA-001 In Memory Of Microlith, was released as a tribute to Maltese electronic artist Rhys Celeste (aka Microlith), who died in a traffic accident in February 2017. The proceeds of this compilation went to the Maltese music NGO Electronic Music Malta.