May We Ask You All For Silence

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May We Ask You All For Silence (mwayafs) is a Maltese experimental band consisting of Justin Meli & Christopher Buhagiar. They could be labeled in various genres like Dark Ambient , Drone Metal , Ritualistic Ambient ,Noise , Industrial , Post Metal.


The name May We Ask You All For Silence comes from a track by Coil - The Dreamer is still asleep from the album Musick To Play In The Dark.They chose this name as an homage for this great influential band and for an other reason. The other reason being the current censorship wave that`s happening in Malta.(Justin Meli had a face to face experience with this).

Their live setup includes bass guitar , guitar , vintage synths , theremin , and huge pedal boards full of stomp boxes.

Releases and gigs

their debut ep Lucid Dream, which is free to download from [Lucid Dream ep] consists of 4 tracks . Where you can hear etheral soundscapes , drifting guitars and theremin screams .

They played a live gig @ Remedy Club and performed at the launch of Antipodi a book by Alex Vella Gera in which they adapted speeches with parts of the book into their music. They also played a couple of intimate gigs for friends .


Their aim is`nt to gain popularity or to please any crowd .their music isnt ear pleasing nor catchy . their aim is to continue to perform in exhibitions and other art installations and release more music