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Michael Bugeja is a Maltese music journalist and DJ. His interest in Maltese music started at a very young age. Later he became more involved in the scene as a member of various garage rock bands. In the 1990's he began DJing on the radio, later also moving to clubs and bars. Around the same time, he also started writing music columns for local publications, namely The Malta Independent, Dansezee, Sunday Circle, Modern Elegance, The People and The Sunday Times of Malta, where from October 2007 up to May 2014, he was the resident music correspondent with the specific aim of boosting coverage of the Maltese music scene in the local media. In July 2010, Bugeja launched ROCKNA, a weekly radio show on Radio 101 dedicated to the Maltese music scene. The show airs at 7pm CET every Friday and is streamed live at Radio 101.

"Mad about music from the get-go, I've been following the music scene in Malta since childhood. Decades have passed since those early days of collecting newspaper cuttings in a scrapbook, and here I am, all these years later, still as crazy about music as I've ever been. In the interim, I've done everything from being a fan, a roadie, even 'singing' in a few bands, a club DJ, a radio DJ/producer and for the best part of 20 years, a music journalist (the latter three I still do on a regular basis). That's it in a nutshell". (Michael Bugeja, May 2014)

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