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Cv/Gate are an electronic duo that make their music in the old way , lots of synthesizers and drum machines.In love with Old Machinery and raw sounds their evergrowing studio and setup includes old/classic drum machines ,vintage synths, circuit bent/diy toys and stomp boxes. They dont stick to one specific genre but lately they are focusing more on acid techno/dark electro . Other alias you may find Them is "May We Ask You All For Silence", which is more of a ritualistic dark ambient/drone metal / noise project.


CV/Gate ep released on Complex Sound Sagacity (MT)

Review from netlabel : Local Hardware freaks Cv/Gate presents a self titled ep. Their sound is raw, Their techno is dark and totally analogue. With Fog808 and Midi Dub they present their detroit influence with percussive sounds and dubby chords. In Mind Control & Techno Now! they present their rawer and colder Berlinish side with distorted synth lines and Acid basslines.

Analogue Summoner ep released on (UK)

Review From Netlabel : Do you know what the dark side is?? I don't think so. After hearing this ep you'll feel like you've become a Star Destroyer Commander or maybe even as dark as Darth Vader himself.... Prepare for destruction by analogue acid wave...


They Played live in various local events and they intend to continue doing so.


Their Aim is to start a series of local events and showcases that involve other maltese hardware enthusiasts called cv to midi