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Sonitus Eco
Sonitus Eco experimenting with the theremin

Sonitus Eco is a project by Maltese electronic music producer, DJ, synthesizer collector and sound design enthusiast Justin Meli. His sound can be described as dark, dub, ethereal, analogue techno. He is influenced by early electronic musicians such as the BBC Radiophonic workshop artists, musique concrète and early industrial acts, among them Throbbing Gristle and Coil.



  • It Is Loneliness That Makes The Loudest Noise (Silent Season) 2012 Listen
  • The Past That Was Embraced By Sorrow ‎(Rohs! Records) 2013 Listen


  • Sonitus Eco - 500 Years Of Struggle (Deepindub) 2011
  • Sonitus Eco - Eku Neolitiku (Sound Source Netlabel) 2011
  • Sonitus Eco - The Glacier Series (Kosmo Netlabel) 2011
  • Sonitus Eco - Steel Plateau ‎(Pinkpube Netlabel) 2011
  • Sonitus Eco & Emanuele Pertoldi - Techno For Breakfast (‎Evasion Room Digital) 2012
  • Sonitus Eco - Drowned In Dub‎ (Evasion Room Digital) 2013
  • Sonitus Eco - Power Plant EP (Subself) 2014
  • Sonitus Eco - The light between oceans (Silent Season) 2015 Listen
  • Sonitus Eco & Seraphim Rytm - Edit Select Remixes (Silent Season) 2016
  • Sonitus Eco - Her Hands Were Cold EP (HAAR Records) 2016
  • Sonitus Eco & Aos - Rate of expansion (Verdant Recordings) 2018

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