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Artwork was a popular Maltese rock band in the mid-1980s.

The band had several formations over the 4 years it was active, from 1985. The main stays in the band were drummer Ferdinand Grima (known as Grimly Ferry) and bassist Michael Harrison. The original line-up included keyboardist Mark Attard and singer Toni Sant, as well as Twanny Mifsud iċ-Ċimbillai (known as Tony Chamberlaine). They originally formed part of the Rokarja AST community in Tigne, which is where they first appeared, among other places, but within a few months they left that scene while Sant replaced Mifsud on guitar.

In 1986 they released a double A-sided 45 rpm single called Girls Will Be Girls/It's All Over Now.

Other band members over the years included Manoel Pirotta and Paul Borg.

Nazareth and Wet Wet Wet are among the international acts for which they served as opening acts in Malta and Frankfurt respectively.

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