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Kurt Buttigieg is a musician, writer and artist from Ħamrun, Malta, based in Brussels, Belgium.

Most of his output broadly fits the experimental music, electronic music, avant-garde composition and ambient music genres, both as a solo artist and as Ayn Il Widen, the improvised music duo he forms with Carla Said.

He is an occasional contributor to The Wire magazine, for whom he mapped out Malta's underground music scene in an article published in February 2020. He also writes for other publications, amongst which Italian platform The New Noise.

Kurt Buttigieg in 2019

Buttigieg founded a record label called Complex Holiday in 2020, which he co-runs with Robert Farrugia and does most of the graphic design for. He is also intermittently active with a non-profit organisation dedicated to "genre-bending music", Arsha Our, and created Malta's first sound art installation at Uber, a contemporary art group show, in 2000. He is also active in Belgium with several organisations and artists.

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