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Artists, art works and original exhibition for 2013-2018 exhibition:


Artists, artworks and original exhibition for Art + Feminism exhibition


  • Andrew is checking to make sure we have all of the works in this list and that they have correct titles

Categories. Check that:

  • Every page is categorised with A-Z of Visual Arts in Malta
  • All Artists are categorised as male / female (from Malta / Gozo / Outside Malta), and their birth / death dates are included, if known
  • All Art Works are categorised as: Visual Art Works and Fondazzjoni Kreattività Art Collection
  • All Exhibitions are categorised as: Visual Art Exhibitions in Malta


  • For all Art Works, can you add the following text to the very top of the page, changing it to the name of the art work:

This turns the titles of these pages to italics, like

Photos of Art Works:

  • All the photographs that we have of the works in our collection are now on the network at Marketing\Fondazzjoni Kreattivita Art Collection\Photographs. The names are the reference numbers that are in the "Image of Artwork" column (column Q) in the spreadsheet. The wiki can now be updated with these pics!

Creating Art from... and A+F exhibition pages


Record label Catalogue number Album title Artist(s) Year Genre Pressing country
Academy ACA 101 Songs from Malta Mary Rose Mallia and Charles Camilleri 1972 Pop Malta
Track list (side A) Track list (side B) Composer(s) Copyrights Producer Recording location Other details
01 It-tfajla tar-rdum
02 Suldat
03 Il-festa
04 Rajt ragel
05 Iż-żifna
06 L-għanja tas-sajjieda
07 Kemm iddum
08 Taħziz
09 Bħal-lum
10 Il-pont ta’ Wied Rummiena
11 Il-minwett tal-granmastri
12 Il-bejjiegħa tal-ward
Music: Charles Camilleri
Lyrics: Joe Friggieri
Sleeve front
Sleeve rear
Side A
Side B