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Olaug Vethal

Olaug Vethal (1946 – 2007) was a Norwegian artist, born in 1946 in a small parish a few miles North of Oslo/Norway. She studied Philosophy and German in Oslo and she began painting in the early 1970s. Olaug studied art at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and started her artistic career. She started with landscape paintings in watercolours. Later she took up figurative painting and other artistic styles. Olaug Vethal had frequently exhibitions in Hamburg, Norway and France. Most noteworthy is the absence of dark colours, the strong expression, paintings that contain a dynamic movement and a large variety of bright colours.

She lived and worked in Malta, most of her life - from 1988 until She passed away on February 25th 2007. Hundreds of mourners; friends, relatives, students, colleagues and co-artists, attended her funeral. Her works continued to live on private collections worldwide. Olaug Vethal was invited to paint at the jazz concerts held in the clubs of Hamburg. Her passion for painting musicians and jazz and the attempt to catch the music and the atmosphere of concerts on paper and canvas.

In 1988 Olaug Vethal moved to Malta where she started again giving art lessons and soon began teaching Art at the De La Salle College. She tutored several students who would become artists like Lisa Gwen, Christine Xuereb, Francesca Amato-Gauci and Priscilla Ainhoa Griscti.

At the De La Salle College she was described by the headmaster John Portelli as a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, being close to her tears when some of her students did badly in test or exams. Through her colleagues, especially Mark Debono (PhD), she received inspiration for her work as an artist, philosopher and teacher. [1]

“Olaug’s artwork reflects the unmistakable presence of spontaneity, passion and life. Much like her work, Olaug was outspoken and passionate; a genuine free spirit.”

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