Mario Abela

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Mario Abela

Mario Abela was born in 1983, in Gozo, Malta.

Abela is an artist, graphic designer and educator, who has a Bachelors Degree in Education - Art and History, and a Masters in Fine Arts – Digital Arts, from the University of Malta. He is also a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences (Visual Identity Study Unit), University of Malta.

Abela uses drawings, collage, video and sound that depart from the metaphysical, scientific theories and history. Through a juxtaposition of images and chance during execution, what starts as storytelling, becomes an exploration into fantastic worlds. This puts concepts like time and chance under analysis, to establish how these determine the interpretation of the past and sometimes forecast the future. [1]

Solo Shows

Collective Shows

  • 2018: Cosmic Perspectives, Ugly Duck, London [4];
  • 2018: Being Us – Mario Abela & Justin Falzon: Art..e Gallery, Victoria, Gozo, Malta [5];
  • 2017: Constellations: Art Licks Weekend, The Crypt, St John on Bethnal Green, London [6];
  • 2017: Residency Final Show; Chiesa di San Francesco, Atina, Italy [7];
  • 2016: Of Spatial Concerns; Malta Stock Exchange, Valletta, Malta [8];
  • 2014: Divergent Thinkers 03; Blitz Gallery, Valletta Malta; 2014 – Brussels [9];
  • 2013: Duke of Edinburgh Room 36; Sentinella Hall, Gozo, Malta [10];
  • 2012: Religionis Violenta; The London Westbank Gallery, United Kingdom; (Runner-up winner after Magnus Gjoen)[11];
  • 2012: Traces of Traces; St James Cavalier, Valletta, Malta [12];
  • 2006: ¨Why art cannot be taught¨ Curator James Elkins. Collective Exhibition at St.James Cavalier, Malta [13].


  • 2017: Lumen Art Residency; Atina, Italy; 2017 [14].

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