Malta: Memories and Explorations 1989-2001

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Malta: Memories and Explorations 1989-2001 is an exhibition by Jean Busuttil Zaleski.

In the years 1989-1990 Jean came to Malta specifically to plan a series of artwork that had to do with the spirit of these sacred places. She imagined them with their original occupants roaming through.

"For the past twenty years I have wanted to do a series of work based in these temples. In 1989 and 1990, I finally made my pilgrimages - trips to Malta during which I spend almost all my time roaming through the various structures, absorbing the environment, making sketches, taking photographs. Back in the States, I worked on my [Ancestor Series]. My intention was not to make realistic imitation of the temples, but to express through this work their spirit and their culture."

Jean Busuttil Zaleski

The focus remains in what is so obvious to every visitor: the huge standing stones, the doorways and the passages, the open spaces within, the haunting enigma which still surrounds their builders and their purposes. With her invested additions one comes across specific quotes and references such as the nearly circular chamber hewn out of solid rock in the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum and some of the artifacts found on these sites such as the Sleeping Lady and pots. The essence is on the spirit of these temples, bathed in the brilliance of Mediterranean light, covered with the vast expanse of sky and surrounded by the deep blue sea. In this exhibition Jean is here celebrating her childhood roots in Malta by relieving those experiences.

Joseph Paul Cassar (Exhibition Curator)


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