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Julian Vassallo is a full time architecture student, who was first introduced to photography at a very late age. He picked up a camera and began shooting self portraits seriously in the year of 2012. Ever since then, he hasn’t put down his camera. He says: ‘My love for self portraits has been growing ever since I started and I intend to keep on shooting self portraits till I’m too old to move. One may notice a strong relationship between nature and the human form in my work. I have always had a strong connection with nature ever since I was a little boy, so I guess it was instinct for me to find refuge in these environments.’ Vassallo finds the human body to be just as beautiful as nature itself and the way these two forces connect with each other is something, he finds extremely special and worth exploring with his camera. [1]

Is there a concept behind these self-portraits? Not necessarily, I’m just fascinated by nature and by the human body. When I began, I hardly had any contacts in the art world to reflect and exchange ideas with, so I basically just figured I might as well shoot myself. It’s less hassle… Without doubt, that would have to be Kris Micallef. He’s an extremely talented and established fashion photographer here in Malta. We’ve become friends recently and are planning to do a project together.[2]

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