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Lisa Falzon (b 1983) is an artist born in Malta and currently living in Berlin, Germany.

Lisa Falzon

She is an entirely self-taught artist. She got her first illustration job at 19, doing a scholastic children's book and she has been working full time as an artist ever since. Then she switched paints and easel for pixel-pushing and became dedicated exclusively digitally in Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom tablet, or on the Ipad Pro in Procreate, using styles that go from collage-like to painterly and etching-style.

In 2008 she had her children's novel Xi Mkien Ieħor published in Malta.

Meluseena is an ongoing illustration project that Falzon has worked on since 2008. It is very specific and differs a little for her highly adaptive illustrative style of random artistic side-projects. She has been working on this body of emotion-themed personal work for almost ten years. Though primarily an online shop run by herself, Meluseena artworks have been adopted by publishing firms for poster lines and specific lines of homewares by a variety of brands, notably La La Land in Australia, and also stocked by indie boutiques all over the world. [1]

Her life motto is: Faint heart never won fair lady. It’s a prettier motto than “who dares wins” which means the same thing but sounds a little... military. But I believe in the message wholeheartedly, it’s the truest motto in the world and one of the best pieces of advice ever. [2]


  • 2016: Best Illustrator in 0-7 age category for 'Mingu' awarded by the Malta National Book Council;
  • 2016: Best illustrator in 8-12 category for 'Irvin Vella: Il Kaz Manduca' awarded by the Malta National Book Council.

Selected Clients

  • American Greetings (Publishing House);
  • Bloom & Fade, USA (App development);
  • Image Conscious (Publishing House);
  • Merlin Publishers, Malta (Publishing House);
  • La La Land, Australia (Publishing House);
  • Liberation Music, Australia (Recording Label);
  • Little M Books, USA, (Publishing House);
  • Poorhouse Publishing, USA (Publishing house).

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