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Xebgħa Nies loosely translates to a throng of people was a collective exhibition of nine Maltese artists held at Spazju Kreattiv.

From pen and ink to watercolour and oil paintings, the exhibition will also feature three dimensional works in ceramics, mixed media and bronze. As the title implies (Xebgħa Nies loosely translates to a throng of people), the general subject is portraiture, however what can be expected is a unique take on an assorted set of interesting characters. From the man enjoying a pastizz and sips of Kinnie at Joe’s Bar to the mustachioed twins and everyone in between, you definitely won’t resist falling in love with this crowd. As one would anticipate, a religious element is not missing from the works on display, and whilst Saviour Baldacchino explores Christian iconography, Kenneth Zammit Tabona’s colourful watercolours depict fleeting glances amidst opulent Maltese ecclesiastical scenarios. The darker side of things is left in the hands of Debbie Caruana Dingli, whose wicked witches will stir more than a mere bubbly cauldron. Whilst Steve Bonello returns to the exhibition scene after a hiatus of almost two decades with his unmistakable pen and ink drawings, this will be the first time Mark Scicluna and Moira Zahra will be exhibiting. Keep an eye out for Scicluna’s first Maltese man on the Moon and Zahra’s not-so-cuddly assortment of six-legged pets. Paul Scerri and Andrew Diacono will be the only two artists presenting sculptures. Whilst Scerri’s mastered medium is ceramics, as betrayed by his complex glazes, for this show Diacono chose to exhibit bronze and mixed media works. The final word rests with Marisa Attard whose illustrated sweethearts add a breezy touch of humour to the whole. [1]

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