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Katel Delia

Katel Delia also known as Katelia was born in 1975. She is French and deeply attached to her Maltese origins, has been living and working between Malta and Paris since 2016. She is still involved in the Parisian artistic community life where she exhibits regularly. In 1999 she completed her DNSEP degree at the Beaux-Arts de Rennes. She creates installations combining photography, sculpture, and writing. She believes that the traces of the past reflect into the present while she is also very curious about our perception of the space and marine environment.[1]



  • Collective exhibition - Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier, Valletta, Malta;
  • Perception – Photography installation, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta, Malta;
  • Utopia Nights – Performance. Howards Gardens, Mdina, Malta.


  • Mosaic-Għana-Mużajk Interactive installation photography with live music. Splendid, Valletta. Strada Stretta concept, Valletta 2018;
  • Menil’photo 2. Collective photography exhibition. Artistes De Ménilmontant (ADM), Gallery Menil 8, Paris 20th;
  • Walk_Through. Collective photography exhibition. Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville (AAB), Gallery AAB, Paris 20th;
  • «Familja migrAzzjoni» I was born there, but I live here… - Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier, Valletta, Malta.


  • Auction to raise money for the NGO « Le rire médecin » Partenership Artists from Ménilmontant, Bellevilloise, Paris 20th;
  • Sliema Arts Festival, a place called home. Invited by Dartna: exhibition, talks, open theatre, Exiles Gardens, Sliema;
  • Passeport.e - Collective exhibitions 12 artists. Maison des métallos, Paris 11th;
  • Open Artist Sudios, Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville (AAB), Paris 20th;
  • Journée de la Francophonie. Strada Stretta concept, Valletta 2018 & French Embassy in Malta, Valletta, Malta.


  • The Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale. Art director Dr Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci. Mdina Cathedral Museum, Malta;
  • Menil’photo, Collective photography exhibition – 1st edition. ADM, Gallery « Le 26 », Paris 20th;
  • The Outer Limits – Collective photography exhibition. Gallery AAB, Paris 20th;
  • Nuit Blanche: Constellations – Collective installation. Gallery AAB, Paris 20th;
  • Nuit Blanche: Bestiary – Collective installation. Pitié Salpêtrière, Paris 13th;
  • Open Artist Sudios, Artists from Ménilmontant, Paris 20th;
  • Open Artist Sudios, AAB, Belleville, Paris 20th. « Propagation » Artistic interventions in public space, Paris 20th;
  • Minimix came to New Artists’ Workshops Belleville. Collective exhibition. AAB Gallery, Paris 20th.


  • Cabinet of curiosity, Collective exhibition. Gallery « Le 26 », Paris 20th;
  • Open Artist Sudios, Artists from Ménilmontant, Paris 20th.

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