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Alex Attard is an internationally awarded Malta-based art and architecture photographer

Alex Attard's preferred areas of work are architecture and fine art. He is a methodical photographer with an acute sense of line and space. He reflects on his subjects in a particular context, studies the light, the prevailing conditions and when all falls into place, he takes his photograph. That is his modus operandi.

His aesthetic varies from the stark and minimal, to quasi abstract, to figurative. Chiefly working in a monochrome palette, his work develops in series, in an attempt to scrutinise and explore a subject as extensively as possible. He refers I see things, therefore I photograph, because I photograph what I see, that is who I am.

Best know for his series titled The Overlooked Performance, a visual essay through which Alex artfully chronicles the developmental trajectory of the underbelly of Renzo Piano’s parliament in Valletta, and the inadvertent gestures and pictorially abstract formations beneath the surface of this iconic contemporary build.

His work has been published in various international art and design magazines, and trend-setting platforms, such as Archdaily,iGNAT,ElleDecor and others.


  • 2016: Venice Architecture Biennale[1];
  • 2016: Reasonable Dreams in Paris[2];
  • 2015: Mdina Contemporary Art Biennale[3].

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