No More Mdina Landscapes

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No More Mdina Landscapes, by Lisa Falzon

No More Mdina Landscapes is an acrylic painting by artist Lisa Falzon. It measures 65.6cm x 65.6cm in its frame. This work was donated to Fondazzjoni Kreattività in 2006 and is now part of the Fondazzjoni Kreattività Art Collection.

The work was first exhibited as part of Falzon's The Secret.

The artist plays with the idea that it's time a for a new way to think about landscape, in a provocation that is concurrently about art and the balance between tradition and progress, or even nature and the built environment. This is evident not only in the visual elements presented in No More Mdina Landescapes, but also in the very title of the painting. [1]

Toni Sant


No More Mdina Landscapes has been displayed in the following exhibitions:

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