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Celia Borg Cardona

Celia Borg Cardona was born in Oxford, UK in 1957. she studied at the university of malta & then acquired formal art training at the malta school of art. celia subsequently attended the studio of anton calleja for several years. she cites delacroix & whistler as artists who have profoundly influenced the way she approaches her art.

Her concern with depicting light & shade and her expressive gestural brushstroke stand testimony to these influences. oil paint is her main love but she also works frequently in acrylics, oil pastels & three dimensional media.

She will use anything, from burnt-out matchsticks to spilt coffee if no other medium is at hand. in the last few years she has been interested in the ways that people in their everyday lives group together & the ways that they can be depicted on canvas.

The ‘personal space’ between figures is a topic of painterly investigation for her often resulting in people being depicted from unusual or high viewing points.[1]


  • November 2010: ‘Scene from above’ Camilleriparismode, Rabat;
  • November 2008: ‘People Watching’, Gallery G, Lija;
  • October 2006: ‘Streetlife’ National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta;
  • November 2005: Bupa Art Exhibition, Radisson SAS, St Julians;
  • November 2004: ‘My World’ Camilleri Paris Mode, Sliema.

Selected Collective[3]

  • January 2013: Stemperando, National Library, Rome;
  • November 2012: Stemperando, National Library, Cosenza;
  • September 2012: Stemperando, National Library, Torino;
  • March 2012: Collective, Harrods, Knightsbridge, London;
  • December 2011: Facets of Malta, Embassy of Malta, Paris;
  • April 2011: ‘New acquisitions by the European parliament:” Brussels;
  • December 2010: Caritas exhibition, Prime Minister’s office, Valletta;
  • November 2010: ‘Malta week” European Parliament building, Brussels;
  • October 2009: AAF, Battersea , London;
  • December 2008: Hospice collective, Chamber of Commerce, Valletta;
  • January 2007: Malta Hanina, Musee de la Ville de Tunis, Tunis;
  • June 2007: L’Uomo del Mediterraneo, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome;
  • January 2006: 6 Maltese Artists, European Parliament Building, Brussels;
  • January 2005: Shakespearian Inspirations’, Manoel Theatre Foyer, Valletta;
  • February 2005: The 3 Villages’ Corinthia Palace Hotel, Attard;
  • March 2005: Wine & Vineyards’ Gallery G, Lija;
  • April 2005: A burst of Spring’ Muska gallery, Balzan;
  • December 2005: Carpe Diem, Westin Dragonara Hotel, St Julians;
  • October 2004: 8 women in Historical towns’ Auberge D’Italie. Valletta;
  • May 2004: 8 women in Gozo’ Banca Giuratale, Gozo.

Awards and Commissions[4]

  • September 2011: Two paintings commissioned by Marsovin winery for their 1919 vintage labels;
  • June 2011: Painting purchased by US state departiment for permanent display at US embassy;
  • April 2011: Painting purchased by the European Parliament and hung in President Buzek’s office;
  • June 2010: Painting commissioned by Viset and presented to H.H The Pope for the Vatican collection;
  • June 2006: Unveiling of commissioned sculpture ‘Flight’ at Malta International Airport by the Prime Minister of Malta;
  • April 2006: Two paintings chosen for issue of 2006 Special Edition Maltacom Telecards;
  • February 2006: With Francesca Balzan; first prize of the International Sculptural Installation competition at Malta International Airport for their co-authored sculpture Flight'.

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