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UNIVERSONGThe Canary Islands International Song Festival is an international music competition held every year in Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary Islands (Spain). The first edition was held in 2001 with singers from Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Portugal and Spain. In the total of celebrated editions, artists from 57 countries from Europe, America, Asia and Pacific have participated in the festival. ORFEUM – Organización de Festivales Europeos de Música www.orfeum.com is the institution that organizes this international music contest. Its president, Mr. Guillermo Albelo is also vice-president of WAFA World Association of Festivals and Artists. ORFEUM also organizes the festival EUROSINGERS for artists from the Canary Islands and the Promotion Program Abroad “EUROSINGERS – Spain Sings in Europe”.

In the first four editions Malta did not take part. The first Maltese singer to participate was Lara Azzopardi in 2005. Up to the 2012 edition, only original songs were able to take part. In 2013 the festival did not take place, but returned in 2014 with a change in the rules to enable singers to sing cover versions in the competition. Another change in the same edition was the introduction of a competition for juniors split into two categories.

Here is a full list of the Maltese participation:

Edition Year Singers Songs Lyricist Composer Placing / Award
5th Edition 2005 Lara Azzopardi Enjoy Life Lara Azzopardi Lara Azzopardi Bronze Trophy
6th Edition 2006 Rosman Pace We Had It All J.Milnes N.Thomas Golden Trophy (Original Song) and Bronze Trophy (Interpretation)
7th Edition 2007 Eleanor Cassar The Reason Fleur Balzan Paul Giordimaina Grand Prix (Original Song)
7th Edition 2007 'Kaya' Priscilla Psaila Moments Joe Chircop John David Zammit Bronze Trophy (Original Song)
8th Edition 2008 Margaret Camilleri Morena Tattoo Mark Amaira Renato Briffa Grand Prix
8th Edition 2008 Geordie Debono A Dream For Two Joe Julian Farrugia Sammy Galea Silver Trophy
9th Edition 2009 Neville Refalo One Day Rita Pace Mark Spiteri Lucas International Artist
10th Edition 2010 Gloriana Arpa Belli Love Was Made Of Clay Doris Chetcuti Renato Briffa Golden Trophy
10th Edition 2010 Romina Mamo The Final Kiss Clinton Paul Clinton Paul Silver Trophy
11th Edition 2011 Corazon Mizzi Come Fly With Me Alfred E. Baldacchino Renato Briffa Bronze Trophy
12th Edition 2012 Audrey Marie Bartolo Shivers Deo Grech Miriam Christine Bronze Trophy
14th Edition 2014 Olivia Lewis Hawn mill-Ġdid / Free Again Joe Julian Farrugia Paul Abela Voice of the Atlantic
15th Edition 2015 Geordie Debono Not Alone Silver Trophy
16th Edition 2016 Shawn Ciantar Save The Last Dance Universong Talent
16th Edition 2016 Ramona Mifsud Somethings Got A Hold On Me International Artist
  • In 2013 The Universong International Song Festival was not held but in 2006 there was an online international edition (two festivals were organized that year, one live and another one with online participation with an international jury voting from their countries).
  • As from the 2014 edition, cover versions were accepted in the festival, contrary to past editions when only original songs took part. The change was effected in order to make easier for participant to choose a song without the costs of recording of original songs. The Maltese 2014 participant was not aware of the change in rules and in fact was only one of two participants who sang an original. The other original song came from Azerbaijan.

Universong International Song Festival Junior

Another change in 2014 was the introduction of a competition for juniors split into two categories, Category 1 for singers between 10 to 13 years of age and Category 2 for singers aged between 14 and 17 years. Malta was represented by Ilenia Camilleri in Category 1 and Aidan Cassar in Category 2 during the first edition. As from 2016 the Universong Junior participants have been included in the Universong Festival for adults and therefore the festival became one competition.

Here is a full list of the Maltese participation (Category 1):

No Edition Year Malta Singers Songs Placing / Award
01 1st Edition 2014 Malta Ilenia Camilleri I Believe Silver Trophy

Here is a full list of the Maltese participation (Category 2):

No Edition Year Malta Singers Songs Placing / Award
01 1st Edition 2014 Malta Aidan Cassar That's Life Golden Trophy