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Neville Refalo

Neville Refalo (born 17 July 1978) is a singer and actor.

He started his career in 2001 and from the next year until 2007 was under the guidance of Bryan Cefai as a singing tutor. Between 2000 and 2003 he was Director of Attard Youth Centre Choir, and between 2001 and 2004 he from part of The Amadeus Chamber Choir.

He attended a four-year course in TV drama with distinction under the supervision of local director/actor Mark Doneo. In 2004 he attended another course in TV Drama with Screen Productions Media Entertainment under the supervision of director Jeffrey Abela.

Between 2002 and 2005 he attended yet another 4-year drama course with Distinction with the local company Lemonhead Productions under the supervision of producer/director/actor Bryan Muscat, and in 2002 another 2 courses in Drama and Musical Theatre with local company Masquerade under the supervision of foreign tutors. In 2006 he was part of Drama encounter representing Malta at an EU drama project called Synergy… Ready, Steady, Go! together with members from Austria, Poland, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Neville also plays the piano and is qualified in Music Theory from the Royal School of Music in London till Grade 7, and Grade 5 in Piano Practice.

Neville is also an established Maltese actor who participated in various local successful plays, musicals and TV productions under different directors and with several drama companies, such as (Emy) Id-Dar Tas-Soru (2004), (Bernard), Solitaire (2006), (Jeffrey Pace) Miriana Coljero (2008) this works was directed by Mark Doneo, (Piano Seller) (2008) in It-Tmiem Nota, and Doctor in Santa Monica (2008) by Image 2000, (2009) Noah in Amen by Bryan Muscat, (2011), and Neil in Xablott by Steven Dalli, and De Bone in Dejavu by Eileen Montesin, Pastor (2012) in Salib it-Toroq with Charles Stroud, and the parti of Luigi in Izd'immaMentri in (2013). He was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the 2009 Malta Television Awards as well as for the Best Song for TV in the 2010 Malta Television Awards.

He got parts in severals plays on stage in different plays and musicals like (Jacques) Van Gogh (2004), (Banquo) (2005) in Bar Macbeth, Cesare Borġia (2007) in Lucrezia Borġia, Spettur Scicluna (2008) in Il-Manifest tal-Killer, all directed by Bryan Muscat. The musicals he took part in are: (Jonathan Harker) (2005) in Drakula, (various characters) (2005) in, Queen… Once Upon a Lifetime, (various characters) (2006) in Disney Retuned, (Troll) (2007) in Once Upon A Toy, (Bajtra Tax-Xewk) (2007) in Wara l-Ħajt tas-Sejjieħ, all direct by Patrick Vella and (Angel & Dad) in Sleighbells in the City (Leontine Spiteri & Mark Spiteri Lucas), (Jesus) (2010) in Jesus Christ Superstar (Leontine Spiteri & Paul Testa), (Enrico) (2007) Żeża tal-Flagship direct by Ray Abdilla, (Simon Stride) (2009) in Jeyyll & Hyde direct Anthony Bezzina, (Phantom) (2010) in Ziggie Lulu Pantomime by Teatru Rjal, (Christian) (2011) in Moulin Rouge by Teatru Rjal, (Rabbit) (2012) in Alice In Wonderland by Maleth, (Mr Banks) (2012) in Merry Poppins Pantomime by Teatru Rjal, and the part Reggie Miller (2013) in Ħidmietna by Brian Bonnici and Elton Zarb.

He also played the main role in the music video ‘Stick No Bills’ of Footprints by Take 2 and (Vincent) in Mark Doneo's film Silhouette.

Neville took part in television productions such as Qalb in-Nies, Stefan Bonanno and Mark Calleja, Sejjaħtli Joyce Cassar, Tikka by Where’s Everybody?, Il-Mera, by John Suda, Erwieħ Imsakkra, Frederick Testa and Uċuħ by Marthese Brincat. He also took part in tv adverts for Lombardi Cubes (2007), Go Mobile (2008), Global Capital (2010), Maltco (2011), and GAP (2011).

Neville Refalo

He took part in various Maltese important festivals including the Malta Song for Europe, Festival Indipendenza, L-Għanja tal-Poplu and Fl-Għaqda l-Melodija. He won first prize in Festival Fl-Għaqda l-Melodija (2003) with Pultruna Komda, lyrics by Paul Ellul, and music by Mark Spiteri Lucas. He won the Malta Hit Song Festival 2009 with the song ‘One Day’ by Rita Pace and Mark Spiteri Lucas. He represented Malta in the Universong Festival held in 2010 in the Canary Islands, Spain where he won the Best International Artist Award. He also won high placings in other international festivals especially in Italy. These include his 2003 participation in La Vela d’Oro a Rino Bertino Romantico song which placed fourth and his 2004 participation in L’Anziano della Societa’ with a song by Francesco Bonagura and Mark Spiteri Lucas 'Il Pescatore' which placed third.

He won second place in Ilwien l-Istilel (2008) with an Augusto Cardinali song 'Qisu Qatt', and in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza (2013) with a Rita Pace and Dominic Cini song 'Hemm Mieghek Jien' . Other songs include 'Fejn Tinsab?' (2005), 'Xtaqt' (2007), 'You Are There' (2008) and 'Mhux L-Ewwel Darba' (2012).

During these last few years he also represented Malta in the Golden Melody International Festival held in Nicosia, Cyprus with a Natasha Turner and Joans Gladnikoff song 'Smile', as well as the Song of The Mediterranean Festival held in Montenegro with 'Silver' a song by Clinton Paul. Other events Neville took part in include the nationally acclaimed Rockestra 2009 & 2010 with the National Philarmonic Orchestra.

Neville is also a local TV personality, having participated in various local programmes both as a resident singer as well as actor. He is currently one of the resident singers on the programme Sibt Familja on Net TV every Saturday afternoon and forms part of many established local bands, namely Conrad Briffa Band, Joe Brown Brass Band, Spiteri Lucas Band, Big Band Brothers as well as Versatile Brass Band.

He also got experiences in different shows like (2008), Resident singer on Trid Tarah, One TV under Mro Joe Brown’s big band, 2010 – 2012, resident singer on the programm Sas-Sitta on Net Tv, (2011), WAFA International Concert Guest, (2011), Musicals Live with Spiteri Lucas Entertainment, (2012), Musicals Live 2 with Spiteri Lucas Entertainment. (2012), Anniversary Concert Teatru Rjal. (2012), Military Tattoo with Malta Police Force and (2013) – to date, resident singer on the programme Sibt Familja, Net Tv.

On 17 September, 2015 Neville Refalo took part in the Final of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2015 with the song 'Pinokkju' written by Kevin Tanti and composed by Chan Vella.

In July 2016 Neville took part in the L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2016 – (Festival Kanzunetta Maltija) with two songs Ta’ Billejl sung by himself and Id-Dieher performed as a duet with Graziana Victoria Axisa From the Semi-Final held on Thursday 7 July, 2016 he passed for the Final Night held on Saturday 9 July, 2016 with the two songs, and he get the Second placed with the song Ta’ Bilejl, lyricist by Paul Ellul and Mark Spiteri Lucas. Beside that the song Ta’ Bilejl the author Paul Ellul the Prize for Best Social Theme.

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