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Morena (Margaret Camilleri) Born on 7th. March, 1984 is a singer from Sannat, Gozo, Malta. "Morena" means "brunette", which fits her complexion.[1] Morena became to be known as the "Mediterranean Volcano".

In 2006 Morena entered the Malta Song for Europe competition with Paul Giordimaina and the song "Time" they ended 9th with 3046 votes.

2 years later Morena entered Malta Song for Europe once again, with 2 songs, "Casanova" and "Vodka". They both passed through from the semi final to the final. "Casanova" ended 5th with 3,607 televotes and 40 Jury Votes, while "Vodka" won the contest with 49 points from the jury and a total of 16,979 votes from the public (33%).[2] Morena took part in the second semi-final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade on 22 May. However, she did not make it to the final evening.