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Renato Briffa

Renato Briffa was born in Valletta on 11 October, 1957. He is a songs composer.

Enticing for music when he was only 10 years when he started studying the piano. At 14-year-old began working as a pianist in the field of entertainment. In 1992 began composing music and immediately managed to participate in the Song for Europe Festival.

Renato participated in other competitions and festivals like L-Għanja tal-Poplu who win in 1999. the Malta Song for Greece which was in second place; Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2010 which was in second place with song Fil-Mużika sung by Gloriana Arpa Belli and words by Doris Chetcuti, Malta Song Festival, the festival Fl-Għanja l-Melodija, and Festival Diska tad-Deheb winning virtually all categories. Renato twice won the public vote in Konkors Kanżunetta Indipendenża, in 2003 and 2005. and also won the first festival that introduced by Konkors Kanżunetta Indipendenża named –Ilħna Ġodda for new voices with the Singer Gabriella Massa.

In 2005 Renato had success with two songs abroad in two international festivals the Canzoni Per Ragazzi Verdinote who won in Italy, and another in Prague, The Universe Talent Contest which Renato took second place.

In 2007 Renato won The Malta International TV Festival. This gave him the opportunity to compete in the Universong Canary Islands International Song Festival in Tenerife.

Renato was asked to write three hymns for football club City of Valletta, celebrations of winning the championship two anthems for the 1999-2000 season, and the other in 2008. In 2001 Renato also composed a song for Life Cycle.

But most heart disc for Renato is Ġużi tal-Forn that is dedicated to his father Ġużi and which for the first time took part in the Malta Song Festival in 2002 with the singer Nadine Axisa.

Working on composition Renato other international connections. In 2010 Renato once again participated in the festival Universong 'of Tenerife, with the song Love Was Made Of Clay sung by Gloriana Arpa Belli writing by Doris Chetcuti and once again placed in second place.

In February 2011 Renato won online Festival inside Tenerife Tenerife Song Contest which by virtue of this result will again inside Tenerife representing Malta for a third time in the last 4 years in 2011 with the song festival UNIVERSONG with the song Come Fly With Me lyrics by Alfred E.Baldacchino and sung by Maria Mallia, where with the same song once again took part this time the sung Corazon Mizzi was in third place. In 2011 and Renato once again made it withteh last 20 of the Malta Song for Europe, with the song Unfaithful lyrics by Keith Zammit and sung by Anna Azzopardi.

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