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Fleur Balzan

Fleur Balzan was born in Rabat Malta on 12 July, 1970. She’s a well recognised name in Malta both as a song writer (author) and as a TV producer and presenter.

In music she has worked mainly with composer Paul Giordimaina writing songs for Giordimaina himself and other well known artists. Her first experience at the Malta Song for Europe came in 1999 with ‘I Believe Again’, a song composed and sung by Paul Giordimaina.

Since, she has been a regular at the Malta Euro Song Final missing only the 2001 edition and making it through, most times with more than one song.

Over the years she has written songs for artists, Amber, Corazon, Olivia Lewis, Eleanor Cassar, Pamela Bezzina , Glen Vella, Fiona Cauchi, Nadine Axisa, Mike Spiteri and others achieving several awards both locally and mostly abroad.

In 2004 her song Take a look by Olivia Lewis won a close second in the Malta Eurosong and in 2009 both her songs Someday by Eleanor Cassar and Before you walk Away by the group Q were chosen as two of the three super finalists and achieved 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

2010 followed with another 2nd placing with Just a little more love by Glen Vella. 2011 was a luckier year for the same Glen Vella/Paul Giordimaina/Fleur Balzan as this was the year they won the right to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Other international awards include the Grand Prix of the Golden Stag Festival in [[Romania] in 2004 with If Love you Give, Best Own song in Astana Song Festival in 2005 and Grand Prix in Universong Festival in Tenerife all by Eleanor Cassar.

Special Award in Astana (2006) with Pamela, Jury Award at the Golden Stag 2009 with Glen Vella, plus other 2nd and third placings in different festivals in both Europe and Asia.

In 2008 Fleur Balzan and Paul Giordimaina were chosen to present a song which was eventually chosen as the National Astana Song by both the Jury vote and the public vote. This song The Envy of the World is a duet sung by Paul Giordimaina and Eleanor Cassar.

In the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014, together with Paul, Fleur has two songs in the semi final. These are Because I have you, sung by Amber and Ten sung by Corazon.

Fleur is also one of the most recognised names in the Maltese media. Her media experience started as a presenter of sport programmes in 1993 on PBS, specialy reported the sports of Basketball on radio and the national TV station. and even played some drama too.

In 2000 Fleur opened her own TV production house, b.Right new media Ltd. and since, many were the productions broadcast on the various local TV stations.

Fleur is currently the presenter and producer of the longest running motoring programme in Malta, Wheelspin, as well as the editor of the motoring publication by the same name.

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