Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2009

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This was the Seventeen Edition of the Festival Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2009 Since the festival begain again in 1997. This Festival was held at Floriana The Granaries between [ Date  ? ] September, 2009. And was showed direct on Net TV.

Priminary Jury

Enter a number of [110] songs and, choose 20 songs for the Final the Jury where Dr.Bernard Grech, Doris Zammit, Carlo Olivari Demanuele, Patrick Mallia and Jason Farrugia ossevetor by UKAM Horace J. Anastasi.

The organisers under the chair person Frederick Zammit announced the 20 entries which qualified for the next round to be held in the final on 18 September, 2009 at the the Floriana Granaries.

The teem of the festival – Fix-Xogħol Is-Sigurta.

The program Indifest 2009 was view also before the festival, where all the final singers sing and interview in this program why the viewers know better the singers, besides used the televoting to choose the televoting song.

Talent Ġdid (New Talent)

For the second year the organizing committee continued with the festival named ‘Talent Ġdid’ for promising singers, where singers from 12 years to 16 years take part, and choose the best three songs true the Indifest 2009 program and the first three song join the other 20 songs in the final night on the Floriana Granaries. And from thsi program passed this three songs:- Lara & Maria Elena Tanti Gregoraci - Tar Iż-Żmien, Dian Bland – Ġenerazzjoni and Kimberley Spiteri – Qalbi Deżert.

Final Jury

The submitted entries were judged by the following panel of music experts: The names of the Jury are these: Euchar Mizzi as head of the Jury, J.P.Portelli, Alfie Cachia, Miriam Cauchi, Stephen Chircop, and Noel D’Anastasi. The UKAM representative was Horace J.Anastasi.

First Phase

Here are the 21 Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer Video
01 Glen Vella Kuntent Philip Vella Sean Vella
02 Francesca Scerri Zingara Clinton Paul Clinton Paul
03 J Anvil & Leontine Camilleri Solo Bejn Tnejn Giovann Attard Augusto Cardinali
04 Fabrizio Faniello Futur Clinton Paul Dominic Galea
05 Caroline Attard Għani Fil-Qalb Alexia Schembri Chan Vella
06 Rebecca Debattista Nibda Mill-Ġdid Claudia Faniello Mark Spiteri Lucas
07 Bernice Camilleri Ngħix Għalik Rita Pace Renato Briffa
08 Annabelle Debono 1964 Mark Amaira Philip Vella
09 Dario Bezzina & Grecia Bezzina Nagħmlu Deal Godwin Sant Ray Agius
10 Priscilla Psaila Lilek Biss Joe Chircop Mark Spiteri Lucas
11 Marie Claire Attard Bason Ma Rridx Ninbidel Rita Pace Sean Vella
12 Rebecca Bonnici Għidli Kif Alfred E. Baldacchino Renato Briffa
13 Josmar Gatt Rendezvous Clinton Paul Clinton Paul
14 Joseph Refalo & Terry Ann Saliba Eternita Rita Pace Philip Vella
15 Isabelle Zammit L-Għajnejn tal-Pittur Keith Zmmit Philip Vella
16 Talitha Dimech Il-Bogħod Mark Amaira Renato Briffa
17 Dorothy Bezzina Nistqarr Imħabbti Lejk Rita Pace Philip Vella
18 Isabelle Zammit L-Għajnejn tal-Pittur Alexia Schembri Chan Vella
19 Daniela Vella Warda Bajda Deo Grech Philip Vella
20 Christian Azzopardi Madre Perla Clinton Paul Clinton Paul
21 Audrey Marie Bartolo Bewsa Lir-Riħ Deo Grech Philip Vella


During the intervall till on could know the winner result by the jury where entertainment by the winners of 2008 edition Is-Sitta songs by Ivan Spiteri Lucas, Mark Spiteri Lucas, Ludwig Galea, Natasah Grima, Charlene Grima and Christian Arding and a group of Dancers with Alison Ellul and Annabelle Debono.

Festival Comperes

The Presenters of this editon of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza where Ronald Briffa, Louise Tedesco and Christine Haber.

Agian for this edition before each song was produced a commercial information by Nivea where appear the singer and give some information about his song include the names of the author and composer.


The prizes where for Televoting, For Third Place, € 470 and trophy for singer, Author and Composer, For Second Place, € 700 and trophy for singer, Author and Composer, For First Place, € 1170 and trophy for singer, Author and Composer. The Trophies was presented by the General Secretary of The Nationalist Party Paul Borg Olivier in the presence of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Frederick Zammit.

Winner Finalist

Here are the Winning Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer Video
01 Annabelle Debono 1964 Mark Amaira Philip Vella
02 Priscilla Psaila Lilek Biss Joe Chircop Mark Spiteri Lucas
03 Fabrizio Faniello Futur Clinton Paul Dominic Galea

Other Prizes

  • Televoting Prize:- Christian Azzopardi – Madre Perla
  • Nee Make Up Image Award – Josmar Gatt