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Ray Agius was born in Mosta on 31 January, 1952. songwriter.

Ray started studying piano at the younger age of six years. He studied harmony and composition and graduated from the London College of Music.

Ray Agius is one of th songwriters in Malta who as achieved recognition for his skill in many parts of the world through several song festivals. He started writings songs after finishing his studies in the classics. For a stretch of time he had been playing paino in several top spots throughtout the island and made a mark as a lover of jazz for his renderings and improvisations. For about 30 years Ray Agius has been a successful contributor to Malta’s Popular music Scene.

He write songs as a songwriter or with his friend Alfred C.Sant, Ray composer and Alfred write the lyrics., with Alfred he write one of the of the first Rock Opera Struggle , he wrote to many song on and abound Libyan Revolution, during the late laste seventies. He write for singers like Mary Spiteri, Enzo Gusman, Mike Spiteri, and Bayzo, one of the biggest hit for the duo Agius / Sant was L-Ewwel Tfalja li Habbejt in 1971 for The Malta Bums with Bayzo as there singer.

He participating as composer , arranger and conductor in 1995 edition of he Eurovision Song Contest, held in Dublin, through Keep Me In Mind sung by Mike Spiteri.

In 1997 he participated at the same contest with Let Me Fly sung by Debbie Scerri. There were other songs of his that represented malta in contests held in Ireland, Castelbar, Caven, Japan, Chile, Romania, Lituania, Canada, Turkey, Kazakhistan and Australia.

In 1991 one of his compositions triumphed in Cavan. In 2002 he was presented a Life –time Achievment Award at The Mediterranean Song Contest at Megahit 2002., in Antalya, Turkey.

His Supreme sense of dedication towards the improvement of the local light music idiorm earned Agius the trophy of Best Composer in 1995 in the prestigious Malta Music Awards 1995.

He also write of the songs in the drama series show on MTV D.R.E.A.M.S produced by Rewind Producations lead by Michael Vella Haber and Everly Saliba La Rosa.

Agius is married to Actress, Presenter Margaret Agius and got two children Greta and Rudi.

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