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Augusto Cardinali

Augusto Cardinali born on 9 June 1966. At the age of six Studied the Clarinet , classical guitar and orchestration,

Performed in various theatres locally and abroad. England, Ireland, Italy, Tunis, Canada and Australia.

Took part in various rock operas, prizedays, musicals and teleserials. As an actor, singer, musician, set designer, costume and light designer, artistic director, composer, script writer and director

Francesco, original music for MASK musical, Dellijiet, original music, musical arrangement and recording, Robin Hood, musical arrangements and recording,Leonardo, musical arrangements and recording, Il-Ħotbi ta’ Notre Dame, musical arrangements and recording, Pawlu 2000, Publius – actor and singer, Il-Kavallieri, Baruni – actor and singer,Inez Farruġ, Wenżu – actor and singer, Scrooge, Scrooge – actor and singer, Villa Sunset,Il-Kanadiz – actor, Undercover, Frederick – actor, Għasfur taċ-ċomb, guitarist, playing incidental music on stage, Yerma, guitarist, playing incidental music on stage, Le nozze di Figaro, set designer, MADC' pantomimes, musical arranger and musician, Qabel tiftaħ l-inkjesta, set designer and prop manager, Amadeus, prop manager, Boulevard, musician and arranger, Reġa’ Sebaħ, Pilatu – actor and singer, Pawlu Testa Pantos, musical arranger, light designer, actor and director, Three penny opera set designer and props, Pirates of Penzanes, Frederick – actor and singer, Yeomen of the guard, Elsie Mate – actor and singer, The Gondoliers, choir and soloist, HMS Pinafore, Captain of the deck – actor and singer

Augusto is also a presenter and producer, and he present and produced many programm on radios and TV like, Karambinu, TV presenter, Kikki riki 1,2 and 3, TV puppetier and presenter, Hip Hip Hurray, TV co-ordinator, producer, Ċellinu, TV presenter, TinuTV writer and producer, Kemmuna Airways ,CD and Videos - Duo with Joe Demicoli, Għidli xi jmiss, TV acts, Alaxanxe’, Kemmuna Airways – the TV show, Banana Republic, Kemmuna Airways – the Radio show, No parking, Kemmuna Airways – the Radio show, Kollox Sibt, TV – comical characters, Ejjew nidku ftit, TV – comical characters, 108 Live, TV – comical characters, Saturday night, TV – comical characters, Telequiz, TV – presenter and producer, Telequiz weekend, TV – presenter and producer.

He was also a Special Guest in various local TV and Radio programmes Worked with various directors and composer, Żepp Camilleri, Peter Busuttil, Salvu Mallia, Albert Marshall, Pawlu Micallef, Mario Micallef, Lino Farrugia, Lino Grech, Eileen Montesin, Charles Xuereb, Paul Abela, Ray Mahoney, Alfred C Sant, Toni Scott, Dun Ġwann Abela, Joe Friggieri, Alfred Sant, Philip Vella, Giovann Attard and [[John Suda], and many others

Composer, artistic,director and visual director of various jingles, adverts, logos, inserts and musical videos, on TVM, ONE Productions, Net TV , and Radio 101, RTK, Smash TV, and Favorite Channel.

Author of ‘Triq L-Arkati’ published in 2011 and writing of various songs, participating and winning in various music, song festivals, locally and aboard

Għanja tal-Poplu, Konkors Kanżunetta Indipendenża, International Festival of The Maltese Song, Fl-Għaqda l-Melodija, Sardinella Festival, Kikki Riki 1,2 and 3 Festival, Dockyard Festival, Malta Song For Europe, Verdi Note in Italy, Olimpico Festival di Roma, Italy, Bulgarja Festival, in Bulgarija, Turkia Festival in Turkey, Tralcio d’Oro di Bari, in Italy, Leone D’Oro di Venezia in Italy, Rumania festival, in Romania, Egypy Festival, in Egypt, Letterkenny Flokore]] in Ireland, London Folkore Festival in London, Cyprus Song Festival, in [Cyprus]], Canary Islands, Latin Festivals in Canary Islands.

Augusto is known as an artist and illustrator, Studied under various artists and attended various art courses. Took part in many art exhibitions, locally and aboard. Illustrated covers and other fillers for governmental school text books. Illustrated works for Frans Sammut, Achille Mizzi, Tonio Cortis, Mario Azzopardi, Tarcisio Zarb and many others.

Used to teach arts and crafts in various Govermmental Junior Lyceums and schools, since 1989. Presently he’s teaching drama and performing art in Govermental schools since 2006.

In 2012, Augusto composed and recored the ‘Innu tal-Kulleġġ San Injażju’




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