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Christine Haber

Christine Haber (born 28 December 1991) is an actress and presenter, both on television and on stage from l-Iklin, Malta. She is the daughter of Eileen Montesin, who is one of the most well-known personalities in Malta, and Mark Haber, who is a renowned director and actor.

Christine has been acting since the age of four, when she was part of the slapstick comedy Sossy which was a radio play and also released on video.

Growing up, she was part of Maltese television shows, Undercover and Becky where she played the part of Sera, a show that lasted nine years on national television. She also played the part of young Susanna in the show, It-Tfal Jiġu bil-Vapuri.

Later on, Christine was part of another series, this time a romantic comedy called KC where she got to play the role of Eli. Christine went on to play the role of Beth in another local television series, this time a teenage social drama called Deja Vu which also gave her the opportunity to showcase her passion for music and singing, since her part involved numerous musical numbers both as a soloist or part of a chorus.

Together with the Deja Vu team, she has performed in various activities such as, FestaIndipendenza, FestaĦut, FestaĦalib and various iLjieli Maltin. She has also sung with Philip Vella’s band and in shows organised by Curtainraiser and Harlequin Entertainment.

Christine Haber

In 2006, she participated in the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest and placed 5th. Christine has been involved as a backing singer to various singers in festivals such as Konkors Kanzunetta Maltija and Malta Song for Europe. In 2012, Christine released her single, I’d be Fine which she wrote the lyrics for. Christine is also interested in dance, having taken lessons in Jazz, Ballet and Ballroom. She also plays the piano and has a basic knowledge of guitar. She has done the first five grades of piano practice and up to grade seven of musical theory. Christine also got a distinction in her individual grade 5 Musical Theatre exam.

Besides acting, Christine has appeared several times on television as a host of several programmes and festivals, namely Junior Eurovision, IndiFest, MiniBugz, Krejon, Click, Don’t Stop Me Now and Il-Weekend Jibda Hawn. She was also the host of her own radio show on Solid Radio which was called Solid Homegrown Show where she used to meet up with local artists and speak about their careers and their likes in music.

Christine is not solely based on television. In fact, she has also been part of numerous stage productions along the years, performing in prestigious local theatres such as the Manoel Theatre, Catholic Institute, Salesian Theatre and more. Her love for the stage has been developing since her school days, when she would also be part of her school’s productions, even when she advanced into university, by being cast in the main chorus of Students’ Fest, namely the Oh My Grease and Glame editions.

During her time at the University of Malta, Christine has graduated twice; first with a B.A. in English (Honours) with French as a subsidiary and then with a P.G.C.E. in English. This year, after completing two years working as a teacher, she will be getting her permanent warrant.

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