The Entertainers Singing Challenge 2015

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The Entertainer Singing Challenge 2015

Spiteri Lucas Entertainment, stalwarts in finding and promoting talent, is proud to launch a new opportunity in 2016, The Entertainers Singing Challenge, open for solo singers between 11 and 15 years. This will be airing during The Entertainers, a Saturday night variety show on Net Tv, hosted by former Malta Eurovision Song Contest runner-up, Janvil.

As per the rules and regulations, the 1st phase will be a (behind-closed-doors) audition with playback music and LIVE vocals which will be entirely judged by a professional panel of judges. They will be assessing technique, musicality, confidence, interpretation, confidence and originality. From then onwards, 18 will reach the televised portion of the competition, with 3 soloists presenting their songs, this time with LIVE music and LIVE vocals, noting that the band during The Entertainers will be provided to support the competing artists. In a result decided through 80% jury and 20% tele-voting, 10 artists.

There was 51 singers who applied, and were choseing by a panel of three Jury:-

Passed for The Semi-Final

On Saturday 13 February was annouced the 32 partecipants for the Semi-Final of The Entertainers Singing Challenge: Aidan Jay Drakard, Gail Attard, Charisse Ann Vassallo, Nicole Hammett, Chanelle Cardona, Kylie Meilak, Kimberly Zarb, Rachel Lowell, Ilenia Camilleri, Mardy Farrugia, Miguel Bonello, Jahel Cardona, Haley Azzopardi, Victoria Sciberras, Demi Galea, Amy Marie Borg, Thea Aquilina, Sidney Rose Henwood, Nicole Frendo, Michela Pace, Kira Copperstone, Nicole Falzon, Cledia Micallef, Raquel Seguna, Eliana Gomez Blanco, Thea Gauci, Cyrine Amri, Milena Bianco, Samira Cauchi, Kelsey Farrugia, Kayley Cuschieri and Shaian Debono.

The Semi-Final Competition

This phase will begin on 5 March, 2016, and will continue going until 23 April, 2016, each Saturday for 8 weeks, during which, we see 4 singers give her interpretation songs accompanied by cover versions band program.

In this phase, the (semi final) the jury will have 80% and 20% sms voting to be open from week to week.

  • After passing 16 for the finals held in May in a special program.
  • The final all be judged by a jury.
  • The announced the winner / and take a 500 Euro cash.
  • Other award to bring the most amount of sms voting and pass to the final is writing an original song (words and melody)

In the last programm at the end of the series program The Entertainers - the sixteen finalists will be invited to sing with weel known singers as a duet, without spirit of competition. In any case the final has been already done

The Entertainers Singing challenge Semi Finals

These are the programmes with the singers and songs, which taken part in the Semi Finals phase of the Festival.

Notes of the Second Phase

The Entertainer Singing Challenge

After Saturday, 23 April, 2016 be an end to the phase of the semi-finals which will total 32 sang singer / entertainers The Singing during a Challenge.

The organizer wish to thank all for their coperation and hope that all where satisfied.

  • Now the final will be in the program on Saturday 7 May, 2016 where they will announce 16 finalists. The participants do not need to be in the studio.
  • The final will be held on 28 May, 2016 while the other program which will duett with singers sabilish (what we call Showcases are), will be held on 25 June, 2016
  • It was decided that for final on the 28 May, 2016 singers could the same song which have taken part in the semi final. If there is someone who wants to change, must advised.

In case two pass with the same song, could done a drawing lots between them.

At this stage, singers want to begin to inform the organisers who will be the duet singers on 25 June, 2016 and the name of the song that will presented.

  • Rehearsals for the 28 May programm will be held Wednesday 25 May, 2016 at 5.30pm.
  • Rehearsals for 25 June (duets) will be held Saturday 18 June, 2016.

The 16 Finalist

On Saturday 7th May, 16 finalists chosen through a mixture of SMS (20%) and Jury (80%) voting. The 16 singers were made public during the variety show, The Entertainers, hosted by popular entertainer Janvil.

Milena Bianco, Samira Cauchi, Chanelle Cardona, Gail Attard, Thea Gauci, Cledia Micallef, Michaela Pace, Kira Copperstone, Amy Marie Borg, Thea Aquilina, Shaian Debono, Kimberley Zarb, Mardy Farrugia, Eliana Gomez Blanco, Victoria Sciberras, Miguel Bonello

The journey continues with a showcase of talent on the 25th June, noting that each of the 16 participants will have the opportunity to perform with the Spiteri Lucas Band once more, as well as an established local artist, male or female, of their choice.

The members of the professional jury who picked the talented 16 in this Semi-Final was composed of:

Following an initial audition phase, the semi-final comprised of no less than 32 singers, all of whom had the opportunity to perform with the Spiteri Lucas Band, under the direction of Mro. Mark Spiteri Lucas.

The Final Night

Here are the 16 Songs featured in the Final Night will be held on 28 May, 2016. It was decided that for final on the 28 May, 2016 singers could sing the same song which have taken part in the semi-final. If there is someone who wants to change, must advised and can do this.

No Singers Songs Video
01 Michela Pace Exz and OHs
02 Milena Bianco Forever Young
03 Thea Aquilina It’s A Man’s Man’s World
04 Shaian Debono Nessun Dorma
05 Samira Cauchi Clown
06 Victoria Sciberras Who’s Loving You
07 Kimberly Zarb Think Of Me
08 Chanelle Cardona One Night Only
09 Eliana Gomez Blanco Summertime
10 Kira Copperstone All By Myself
11 Gail Attard In Assenza Di Te
12 Mardy Farrugia Il Mondo
13 Miguel Bonello La Voix
14 Cledia Micallef O Sole Mio
15 Thea Gauci Strange Birds
16 Amy Marie Borg Con Te Partiro
Dancers - Pro Touch Dance School
Victoria Sciberras – Winner of the First Edition of The Entertainment Singing Challenge 2016

On Saturday 28 May, 2016 was held the final night of The Entertainment Singing Challenge 2016 view on Net HD when all the sixteen singers present their song accompanied by the Spiteri Lucas Band and chorist Michela Galea, infront of three judges Frank O'Neill, Debbie Scerri and Indri Attard. The judges after four singers they give their comments in 120 seconds, with Judge Indri Attard analyzed perfectly all the singers one by one.

The eleven year old Kira Copperstone with the song All By Myself won the televoting prize with a gift of a song donated, music by Mro. Mark Spiteri Lucas and lyrics by Emil Calleja Bayliss

(click for video)

Kira Copperstone – Winner of Televoting Prize

The winner of the First Edition of The Entertainers Singing Challenge was the fifteen year old Victoria Sciberras with the song Who’s Lovining You’ and she won the prize of € 500 in cash money and a nice ciramic trophy.

It was also officially annouced that Milena Bianco with the song Forever Young placed 2nd, and Cledia Micallef with the song O Sole Mio placed 3rd.

During the programm their was dancing by Pro Touch Dance School, and short skectes by Fredu u l-Flower

Spiteri Lucas Entertiament would like to thank Luciano Bianco Photography, and Make up Artist Denise Salerno, Gilliane Agius and Martina Montalto.


Spiteri Lucas Entertaiment would like to thank Bristow Potteries for the exculisve trophy, Sunflower Floral design by Janice and Bow and Ribbon who where the sponsors of the challenge.

Meanwhile the other program which will duett with singers sabilish (what we call Showcases are), will be held on 25 June, 2016

The Duets Special Night

Here is the programm of the Final Night view on Net HVD on 26, June, 2016.

All the 16 Singers made a duet song with a famous Guest Singer for this Final Night (Saturday 26, June, 2016)

No Singers Guests Songs Video
01 Milena Bianco Ludwig Galea The Prayer (Click for Video)
02 Miguel Bonello Ludwig Galea Xemx (Click for Video)
03 Michela Pace Chris Gatt Sempliċita (Click for Video)
04 Amy Marie Borg David Sammut In Amore (Click for Video)
05 Mardy Farrugia Roger Tirazona My Immortal (Click for Video)
06 Thea Aquilina Anna Azzopardi Chain Of Fools (Click for Video)
07 Samira Cauchi Christabelle Borg Halleluljah (Click for Video)
08 Eliana Gomez Blanco Danica Muscat Euphoria (Click for Video)
09 Cledia Micallef Aldo Busuttil Un'Amore Cosi Grande (Click for Video)
10 Kimberly Zarb Aldo Busuttil Con Te Partiro (Click for Video)
11 Chanelle Cardona 'Kaya' Priscilla Giordano Psaila Dellijiet (Click for Video)
12 Cledia Micallef Aldo Busuttil Un'Amore Cosi Grande (Click for Video)
13 Gail Attard Geordie Debono I Belong To You (Click for Video)
14 Thea Gauci Geordie Debono Kemm Hu Sabiħ (Click for Video)
15 Kira Copperstone Neville Refalo Just A Fool (Click for Video)
16 Shaian Debono Neville Refalo All I Ask Of You (Click for Video)
17 Victoria Sciberras Michela Galea Respect (Click for Video)