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Gail Attard

Gail Attard was born at St Luke’s Hospital in Gwardamanġia on the 17 of May 2001. She lives with her family in Mosta. In October she will be attending a new school in Msida which is known as Junior College. She is a Singer.

She started singing lessons at the age of 10, with Annabelle Vella in a studio called Artemocion Malta.

At her first attempt in a festival which was called ‘Harmony of Voices’ that was produced by Geordie Debono, Gail placed third. Encouraged by her sucsess and her family members, she continued competing in different types of festivals, for example : ‘Harmony of voices’, ‘Magic Melody’ Ally-Gee Entertainement, Eurostars, Konkors Melodija Maġika 2016 where she had won The Grand Prix prize with an original song called ‘Aħseb Ftit’, and other festivals like Golden Oldies, Golden Memories, Christmas Competions, Junior Voices and Voices of the world which was produced by Ally-El Entertainment, where Gail had to compete with foregneirs and still managed to win the Grand Prix. She competed in many more festivals, where she had always placed or won a prize. There had been a time where she was taking singing lessons with Danica Muscat and Geordie Debono.

Gail Attard

Not so long ago she had also won a festival which was called Shining Star Festival which was produced by Bernice Šujak where Gail had also won the Grand Prix, and she was titled ‘The Winner Of the year 2016’, along with her title and Prize Gail had recieved a set of lyrics and a chance to make a Video Production which will soon be shown publicly.

Till now Gail never had the opportunity to compete in a festival abroad, but she hopes that someday that will change.

Apart from competeing in festivals, Gail took part in other activities and other opportunities that where shown on TV programes like Fliving, Xejk and Net TV. This year Gail entered a singing competion called ‘ The Entertainers Singing Challenge 2016 directed by Maestro Mark Spiteri Lucas where she won the competion.

Gail took part in multiple activities that help collect money for charities. Gail was given different types of opportunities, Artemocion Malta was one of the studios that had given Gail plenty of opportunities by allowing her and other singers to sing in different localities in different types of feasts like ‘Iljieli Melleħin’ ‘Festa tal-Qara Ħamra’. Right now Gail is in the Finals of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2017 which will be broadcasted on Net Tv aswell.

Even though Gail can play a little bit of paino, she would like to start learning piano serioulsy, so she could be able to produce more of her own songs.

Gail never took part in any drama, however she was involved in a school play production, where she experimented and discovered another hobby of hers.

Her greatest desire is to succeed in her singing carreer and that she also fulfills another career in Radiology apart from singing.



2015 Konkors Melodija Maġika 2015 Kif Qatt Nista' 1st Place (Section C) (Click for Video)
2016 Konkors Melodija Maġika 2016 Aħseb Ftit 1st Place (Section C) (Click for Video)
2017 Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2017 (Talent Ġdid) Ma Jaħtux


2017 Issues Julia Michaels (Click for Video)

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