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Aldo Busuttil was born on 16 th June,1981. As from a very young age he was immediately exposed to music and arts. At the age of ten he began to study the clarinet, following in the meantime his father’s footsteps as an artist. However, his passion for painting was overtaken by something else as soon as he heard Andrea Bocelli singing 'Con te partirò.' Fascinated by the power of the Italian tenor’s singing, he then turned to discover his true passion. At nineteen he started studying voice technique while formed part of the Amadeus Chamber Choir conducted by Brian Cefai.

He made his debut as solo artist at the University of Malta Students’ Festival in 2001. Furthermore, he became a regular performer on Maltese television and radio stations. He sang in several Maltese events: Malta Volleyball Marathon, Malta Independence Day Festivities, the celebration of the First Anniversary of Malta in the European Union, the Malta Fire Work Festival, the Heart of Gold Festival, the Malta Song for Europe Festival and the annual festival of the Malta General Workers Union 'F'Għaqda il-Melodija'. In this latter performance he sang 'Via Crucis' and was chosen to represent Malta in the festival 'Il Tralcio d’Oro' in Mariotto (Bari) Italy, televised by the Italian satellite station Telenova.

His first promotional album 'The Wedding' was issued in 2002, followed in 2004 by 'The Voice of Love' which contains pop-classical songs by Maltese composers and cover versions of Bocelli’s songs.

In 2004 he made his first appearance as a guest singer in the Malta Song for Europe Festival which chooses the Maltese representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. He competed twice in this festival with the songs 'Addio Ciao' (2005) and 'Tonight at the Opera' (2009), written by Ralph Siegel and John O’Flynn, and managed to gain the fifth place in both times.

He continued his vocal training with Alice Horne, the founder and coach of the Malta Opera Company. Since 2005 he has been studying under the soprano Antoinette Miggiani. In 2009 he was accepted to study under the supervision of Mro. Vincenzo Manno, a tenor of the Accademia d’Arti e Mestieri dello Spettacolo – Teatro alla Scala of Milan.

This young lyric tenor has performed for personalities, adult and young audiences in Malta and abroad. His versatile repertoire ranges from opera to musicals and pop, including Neapolitan songs. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication Studies and in the Maltese language from the University of Malta.


  • Addio Ciao (2005)
  • Tonight at the Opera (2009)


  • The Wedding (2002)
  • The Voice of Love (2004)


  • Addio Ciao (2005)
  • Tonight at the Opera (2009)
  • Figura t'Identita' (2021)