Priscilla Giordano Psaila

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Priscilla Psaila (Kaya)

Priscilla Psaila is an established singer/songwriter born on the 24 February 1983. She used "Kaya" as a stagename.

She started singing at the tender age of 6. She preserved in her musical studies and sat for several classical voice, theory and piano exams held by the Victoria, Royal and Trinity schools of music in London, UK. Kaya soon took to singing and before she knew it was already chosen to appear on TV on a music programme which ran for two years.

In 2000,Kaya made her debut in the Eurovision Song Contest, one of the most competitive song contests in the world where she came in at third place. This led to several performances across Europe which included Lithuania, Romania, and Italy,Poland,Germany,and Spain amongst others.

Priscilla Psaila (Kaya)

Kaya then took on her enterpreneneriul spirit and formed an international singing school which is presently made up of approximately 87 students. She also formed a Choir, whose reputation put her very much in demand. She has also worked as a producer for TV and produced a programme for her students called Kidz TV which led to another tremendous success in music and media.

Kaya has also worked hand in hand with numerous composers and was recently spotted by Hollywood Composer William Camilleri who is signed to a major Music/Film Company in Beverly Hills and whose credits include such epics as Brave heart,The Silence of the Lambs and numerous other Hollywood Blockbusters. []

William Camilleri was launching his latest CD Hit Pop Songs when he came across KAYA singing on U tube and could quickly tell this was a rare talent to be reckoned with, William then contacted Kaya and they started working together on Williams latest Album Timeless, soon to be realized.

William Camilleri noticed the KAYA’S incredible talent immediately, as when KAYA sings she has an emotional impact that is rare today and is becoming one of the worlds leading vocalists.Kaya’s vocal range is astonishing and she is equally at home singing pop or classical music.

In September 2014 she took part and ended among the finalists in the final night of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2014, with the song Ħamsin Sena Nazzjon lyrics by Paul Ellul and music by Mark Spiteri Lucas and sung in a duet with Nicole Brincat.