Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2007

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This was the Sixteen Edition of the Festival Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2007 Since the festival begain again in 1997. This Festival was held at Floriana The Granaries between [ Date  ? ] September, 2007. And was showed direct on Net TV.

Priminary Jury

Enter a number of 128 songs and, choose 20 songs for the Final (Jury not know) [  ? ]

The organisers under the chair person Frederick Zammit announced the 20 entries which qualified for the next round to be held in the final on 11 September, 2007 at the the Floriana Granaries.

From this year begain a program named Indefest where all the final singers sing and interview in this program why the viewers know better the singers, besides used the televoting to choose the televoting song.

Final Jury

The submitted entries were judged by the following panel of music experts: [  ? ] The names of the Jury are not known and the UKAM rappresentative was Horace J.Anastasi.

First Phase

Here are the Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer Video
01 Glen Vella & Pamela Bezzina Ngħix Mill-Ġdid Fleur Balzan Paul Giordimaina
02 Cliff Zammit & Annabelle Debono U Ngħixu Ħajja Aħjar Duncan Busuttil Herbert Pace
03 Priscilla Psaila & Ivan Borg Dan Hu l-Mument Joe Chircop Mark Spiteri Lucas
04 Margareth Camilleri-Morena Il-Messaġġ Philip Vella Sean Vella
05 Josef Tabone Tarantella Clinton Paul Clinton Paul
06 Claire Caruana Arpeġġ Giovann Attard Augusto Cardinali
07 Mauro Kitcher & Diane Desira Illum Rita Pace David Pisani
08 Gillian Attard Iż-Żifna Jonathan Bondin Charles Muscat
09 Nadine Axisa Eko Eko Alfred E.Baldacchino Renato Briffa
10 Donna Marie Ellul Ma Nofs Inħar Paul Ellul Chan Vella
11 Isabelle Zammit Muża Keith Zammit Philip Vella
12 Romina Mamo L-Aħħar Bewsa Clinton Paul Augusto Cardinali
13 Dorian Psaila Id f’Id Giovann Attard Priscilla Psaila
14 J Anvil & Leontine Camilleri Ġrajjiet Warda Giovann Attard Augusto Cardinali
15 Ina Robinich Min Taħt l-Ilsien Deo Grech Glen Vella
16 Audrey Marie Bartolo Kronaka Deo Grech Mark Spiteri Lucas
17 Klinsmann Coleiro KC 1 FM Rita Pace Mark Spiteri Lucas
18 Ludwig Galea Valuri 2007 Philip Vella Sean Vella
19 Aldo Busuttil Tbissima Rita Pace David Pisani
20 Eleanor Cassar Fil-Find Tal-Qalb Fleur Balzan Paul Giordimaina


During the intervall till on could know the winner result by the jury where entertainment by the special guest Triston B, Ron and Pierra Pizzi, and was aspecteted to come Ivana Spanga but she did’nt come true some concert she got, Joseph Armani prove some good music from his projects, And the winner of 2006 edition. Claudia Faniello.

Festival Comperes

The Presenters of this editon of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza where the boardcaster Pierre Cordina and Louise Tedesco. From this edition before each song was produced a commercial information by Nivea where appear the singer and give some information about his song include the names of the author and composer.


The prizes where for Televoting, For Third Place, Lm 200 and trophy for singer, Author and Composer, For Second Place, Lm 300 and trophy for singer, Author and Composer, For First Place, Lm 500 and trophy for singer, Author and Composer. The Trophies was presented by the General Secretary of The Nationalist Party Joe Saliba in the presence of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Fredrick Zammit.

Winner Finalist

Here are the Winning Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer Video
01 Priscilla Psaila & Ivan Borg Dan Hu l-Mument Joe Chircop Mark Spiteri Lucas
02 Klinsmann Coliero KC 1 FM Rita Pace Mark Spiteri Lucas
03 Eleanor Cassar Fil-Fond tal-Qalb Fleur Balzan Paul Giordmania

Other Prize

• Televoting Prize:- Klinsmann Coleiro – KC 1 FM