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Josef Tabone

Josef Tabone born on 29 March, 1985. Josef was raised up at il-Marsa. He is a Singer and tutor.

Josef started his singing career at a very young age in the primary school choir. At this tender age he also started to attend piano and musical theory lessons at Johann Strauss School of Music, Valletta. Later on he has taken part in various local singing festivals throughout the years, such as, Showtime ma’ AcelineOpportunity 2 Challenge, The Malta Eurovision Song Contest, The Malta International TV Song Festival, Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, Malta Hit Song Contest, Fl-Għaqda l-Melodija amongst others.

Josef Tabone

Josef is also part of Malta’s top vocal ensembles – Animae Gospel Choir. His interest then grew not for just singing but also for musical theatre, including other artistic areas.In fact Josef took part in various local pantos, musicals, educational sketches and other drama performances, including Mama Mia, Hair Spray and Cindirella, under the direction of FM Theater Production and Stage Coach.

Lately he was given the lead role in one of Malta’s leading History re-enactments Nights Spectacular 1565, and other shows for both adults and children such as A Xmas Live Experience and Dar il-Waħx. He is also the main vocalist of the band Running Late which are hoping to release their first radio single in 2015. Josef has also sang as a backing vocalist with some of the most popular Maltese singers at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, including Kevin Borg in 2012.

Josef is a professional and dedicated Home Economics and Design and Technology (Food & Textiles) teacher in a local secondary school. He also gives vocal lessons to young and upcoming students and his aspirations are to keep growing musically and to pass on the love of music to others as he strongly believes that Music is the key to one’s soul!

Josef is also a vocal tutor at Vocalbooth Studios, under the direction of Pamela Bezzina, coaching young students between the age of 6-11 and the Juniour Vocal Troupes.

On 17 September, 2015 Josef Tabone taken part in the Final of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2015 with the song Orizzonti written by Stephen Baldacchino and composed by Dominic Cini ‘Minik’.