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Don’t Stop Me Now

This year the fourth series of the musical reality show Don’t Stop Me Now returns. It established some of the best talent in the country at present. This year Christine Haber is the show’s host. This will be part of the programme ‘Week & More’ with the presentation of Eileen Montesin and the participation of Mark Haber in the part of Uncle Morris with the humoristic touch. Besides ‘Don t Stop Me Now’, ‘Week & More’ will also consist of a candid camera with various politicians and interviews with the spouse or partner of Maltese personalities in various fields including television, radio and sports’ personalities.

This year 31 participants applied to be a part of Don’t Stop Me Now and they did so by submitting a video audition. In all, 16 finalists are chosen. All applicants are 15 years of age and over. With contrast to previous years, this time the singers will be split into four groups, each consisting of four singers. Two groups will participate in the programmes which are being aired between October and December while the other two groups will take part in the programmes which will air from January to March.

The winner of every part will then compete in the final so that the ‘Overall winner of ‘Don t Stop Me Now’ 2017-2018 will be established. During each programme two singers from each team will have the opportunity to sing a song related to a specific theme.

The jury will be composed of 4 members. Three resident jury members which are:- Moira Stafrace, Dj Toby Farrugia and Ray Mangion and the other member will be one of the contestants from the show’s previous editions who have achieved success in prestigious festivals and which have become household names with the Maltese public. These are Kurt Calleja, Franklin Calleja, Lyndsay Pace, Cherise Attard, Dario Bezzina, Ylenia Vella, Francesca Borg and Joseph Refalo. The jury’s duty is to award points after having watched the singers’ performances. In each programme the singer who gets the highest amount of points as well as the singer that gets the least amount of points will be announced. The latter will then have to challenge one of the singers who did not manage to make it through to the final round and it will be up to judges to decide who deserves to be a part of the competition that following week.

In every programme the group which manages to accumulate the most amount of points when putting together the points of the singers who would have performed that week, will be given the right to choose the theme of the following programme while also gaining 10 points. On the other hand , the group with the least amount of points that particular week will have to perform a song from a musical, choreographed by Alison White Dance studio and accompanied by Alison White’s dancers and it will then be up to Alison White herself to decide whether that particular group gains 5 points or not to try and make the discrepancy between the group points as minimal as possible.

This year the programme is offering the biggest and best prices yet! These include a photo shoot thanks to ‘The Fotografer’ Fgura, a Gig at ‘The Londoner British Pub’, a 500 Euro Voucher, which can be redeemed in cosmetic services thanks to Chic Med Aesthetic Clinics at Sky Parks , a hamper of CHI hair products, a trophy thanks to Mdina Glass, a custom-made outfit made by the local designer Gaetano, a musical theatre course which focuses on drama, singing and dancing thanks to Stagecoach Malta, a goodie bag worth of 200 Euros thanks to MaxFactor Malta and a 1000 Euro CASH.

The Singing Challenge – (Eliminatory Phase)

No Singers Songs Age Passed Video
01 Anhelica Pace Halo 15years No (Click for Video
02 Brad James Music Of The Night 24years No (Click for Video
03 Bradley Debono Raise Me Up 15years No (Click for Video
04 Chanelle Cardona Il Uomi Non Cambiano 15years No (Click for Video
05 Clayton Portelli Feeling Good 19years Yes (Click for Video
06 Clive Galea Insonia 30years No (Click for Video
07 Dan Muscat All Of Me 26years Yes (Click for Video
08 Jessica Micallef Uncover 24years Yes (Click for Video
09 Jurgen Xerri All Of Me 18years Yes (Click for Video
10 Karine Caruana The Winner Take It All 22years Yes (Click for Video
11 Kelsey Farrugia Clown 16years No (Click for Video
12 Lorisanne Refalo All I Ask 17years No (Click for Video
13 Maria Spiteri Can't Helping Falling In Love 23years Yes (Click for Video
14 Mariah Yazmin Cutajar A-Team 17years Yes (Click for Video
15 Mario Vella I Can't Stand Still 15years No (Click for Video


The members of the jurys where the Three resident jurys, Moira Stafrace, Dj.Toby Farrugia, Ray Mangion and one of the passed singers Kurt Calleja.

The Singing Challenge – (Eliminatory Phase)

No Singers Songs Age Passed Video
01 Victoria Sciberras At Last 16years Yes (Click for Video)
02 Martina Micallef Time After Time 15years Yes (Click for Video)
03 Martina Palmier I Will Always Love You 18years Yes (Click for Video)
04 Natalia Galdes La Isla Bonita 23years No
05 Nedved Galea Broken Vow 15years Yes (Click for Video)
06 Nicole Falzon Pround Mary 16years Yes (Click for Video)
07 Nicole Frendo I Didn't Know My Own Strength 15years Yes (Click for Video)
08 Nicole Galea Concrete Angel 17years No (Click for Video)
09 Nicole Micallef Better Half of Me 21years No (Click for Video)
10 Nicole Sciberras Sweet Dreams 15years Yes (Click for Video)
11 Paolo Micallef What I've Been Looking For 15years No (Click for Video)
12 Rebecca Bilocca Fly Me To The Moon 18years Yes (Click for Video)
13 Shaian Debono Il Canto Della Terra 15years Yes (Click for Video)
14 Shakira Bonavia Black Velvet 15years No (Click for Video)
15 Timea Farr Perfect 16 years No (Click for Video)


The members of the jurys where the Three resident jurys, Moira Stafrace, Dj.Toby Farrugia, Ray Mangion and one of the passed singers Kurt Calleja.

The Finalist

So the Sixteen Singers u made to the Final where:- Clayton Portelli, Dan Muscat, Jessica Micallef, Jurgen Xerri, Karine Caruana, Maria Spiteri, Mariah Cutajar. Victoria Sciberras, Martina Micallef, Martina Palmier, Nedved Galea, Nicole Falzon, Nicole Frendo, Nicole Sciberras, Rebecca Bilocca and Shaian Debono.

Programme's - Don't Stop Me Know - 2017