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Eileen Montesin

Eileen Montesin born on 1 October 1962. Hailing from Birkirkara, where she had her Primary education and from part of a choir. She also lived for some time at Mosta, Sliema, Floriana before her family moved to Valletta. She Actress, Scriptwriter, Producer, Director on TV and Radio Presenter. Lives in l-Iklin married to director Mark Haber and got a daughter Christine Haber.

Started her career as a radio announcer with Xandir Malta in September, 1979. She was ambitious and eager to do more so a year later she got her first TV children’s programme called Kikku & Sika. During those days Maltese TV was still in black and white. She continued presenting programmes for children till 1987, in the meantime also presenting Blanzuni 85 and producing It-tieġ ta’ Karmena Abdilla and In-Neputija tal-Kappillan (amongst others) at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. These plays were also aired on television.

In 1992 she moved to Super 1. she had her own daily radio show and produced and presented many programmes at this station. Punt & Ċapċipa (quiz), Rodeo (country & western show), Qisu l-Bieraħ (singing competition based on old Maltese songs) and started her very first teleserial Undercover thanks to Mr. Joe Attard who was our CEO at the time.

In 2002 Eileen moved back to PBS and produced UC5 and Dejjem Tiegħek Becky, which were a continuation of Undercover with a slight difference. Undercover was based on the funny side of Becky; UC5 and Dejjem Tieghek Becky were mostly based on social issues.

In 2011 she moved to Net TV with Dejavu which she still producing and directing. This drama is mostly based on teenagers’ lives and the problems they encounter. It is not easy to move from one station to another and maintain success. But it is a good test to reaffirm the loyalty of fans and followers! So far so good she must say, and it’s been proven once again now that I’ve embarked on a new adventure on Solid Radio with my three-hour daily show, having moved from Xandir Malta to Super One to Calypso Radio back to PBS and now Solid and back on Radio 101.

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