Don't Stop Me Now (11.03.2018)

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Programm No.17 (Sunday 11.03.2018)

During last Sunday's programme the contestants performed Maltese songs.

These contestants were both representing the Customize Nation team.

Then for the Benna group

Customize Nation was the team to win this week's programme and so they acquired 10 points.

As a result Time A performed the song 'Super Trooper' with the dancers of Alison White Dance Studio and acquired 5 points for her team.

Daniel got the highest amount of points during this programme while Nicole Sciberras got the least amount of points.

She challenged the elimnated contestant Brad James however the judges chose to keep Nicole Sciberras as a member of the Benna team.


Programm No.17 Singers Points
Programm No.17 Nicole Falzon 93
Programm No.17 Dan Muscat 93
Programm No.17 Nicole Sciberras 89
Programm No.17 Karine Caruana 79
Programm No.17 Martina Micallef 57
Programm No.17 Victoria Sciberras 56
Programm No.17 Shaian Debono 48
Programm No.17 Timea Farr 0


The members of the jury were Ray Mangion, Moira Stafrace, Dario Bezzina and Franklin Calleja


The show was presented by Christine Haber with the help of Roanna Muscat