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Ħidmietna poster
Ħidmietna poster
Ħidmietna poster.

Ħidmietna is a Maltese musical by Elton Zarb and Brian Bonnici about the history of the General Workers Union.

The musical was premiered on Friday 11 October 2013 as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Union. Two further shows were presented on 12 - 13 October, 2013 at the union's own City Theatre in Valletta.

Reggie Miller's 5/10/43 meeting in Msida as depicted in the musicial Ħidmietna.


The musicial follows the long history of the union from the original meeting held by founder Reggie Miller on 5 October 1943 in l-Imsida.


Choregraphy by Sarah Camilleri. Directed by Malcolm Bonnici.



The musical was well received by the attending audiences. It also received generally positive comments in newspapers. T

Another show is scheduled for Sunday 27 October 2013 at 5.00pm at the City Theatre in Valletta.

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