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Matt ‘Muxu’ Mercieca

Muxu is a Maltese pop singer-songwriter born Matthew Mercieca on 19 July 1990.

Muxu started his career, as a song writer co writing with Maltese producer Jay Omaro. In 2008 Muxu released his first single "Beat My Drum"[1] which ended up in the number one spot on the Maltese charts in just 3 weeks, which then led him to being nominated for "Best Newcomer" at the 2008 >Bay Music Awards.

In 2009 Muxu was signed to the UK label play records, where he was dropped after a year due to artistic differences. In October "Still Missing You" featuring Local singer and known DJ Talitha was released in late 2009 and brought Muxu back to the number one spot in Malta, which lead to multiple nominations including "Best Solo Artist" at the 2009 Bay Music Awards & "Best Hip Hop & R&B artist" at the Malta Music Awards.

In 2010 Muxu had multiple top 10 hits, including the number one song Believe which was a single released by Eurovision representative Chiara Siracusa, which led to more nominations, and won the award for "Best Solo Artist"[2] at the 2010 Bay Music Awards.

Muxu was the youngest participant in the Hit television show Liquorish, where 12 personalities are taken to a country, and must learn how to survive, with no money, luxury and no contact with home, suriving in Madagascar. Muxu came 3rd. On october 1st Muxu accompanied Davinia on her 2nd single "Feel Good Song" which is currently number 4 in Malta.

His song "Fill My Cup" was released on Facebook on Monday 4 October 2010. It is co-written with Sandra Mercieca (Muxu's mother) and produced by Elton Zarb.

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