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Ylva and Linda Persson

Ylva Persson and Linda Persson are a twin duo born on 11 December, 1975 from Stockholm,Swedeen.

Successful as songwriters, producers and backing vocalists in national Eurovision Song Contest finals and Junior Eurovision 2013-2018 with over 30 songs in 16 countries.

Awarded the scholarship of culture in Sundbyberg 2017, winners of EuroKids for best orginal song, winners and first price of Viva Italia Song Competition, Malmö, Copenhagen & Reykjavik Pride Official Songs, the official song for Swedish charity Speak UP, Trasdockan, composers of music at Cannes and Sthlm Film Festival, 3rd place and winners of Audience Prize in Baltic Song Contest, winners of Svensktoppen Nästa Västmanland, winners of Directors' Award in Nashville International Song & Lyrics Contest, winners of Home Composed Song contest in 2009, winners of National musical prize "Lira" for Best music video Over 10 years of experience as singers in cover bands, TV, radio and music competitions.

Swedish composers, music & video producers, arrangers, topliners, singers, A&R, vocal coaches with over 10 years of experience writing International melodic pop/dance/folk music with strong melodies and harmonies. We work independently and closely with artists, co-producers, mixers and musicians worldwide. Successful as songwriters, producers and backing vocalists during 2013-2018 with over 30 songs in 16 countries for national selections to Eurovision and Junior Eurovision.

Ylva and Linda Persson together with Rickard Bonde Truumeel are the composers while Bruce Robert Francis Smith write the lyrics of the song Back To My Freedom for the promittent young singer Thea Aquilina who reach the final phase of Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 edition.