Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 1998

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This was the Seventh Edition of the Festival Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 1998 and the third time since the festival begain again in 1997. Normaly the Festival was held in September, but it was transfer to the begaining to December 1998 true the General Election. This Festival was showed dirett on Net TV

Priminary Jury

130 songs were submitted and 20 songs were chosen for the Final.

The organisers announced the entries which qualified for the next round to be held in the final on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4, 5 and 6 of December, 1998 at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall. The theme of the Festival was Indipendenza (Independence).


Here are the 20 Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer
01 Silvana Akl It-Triq Mario Scerri Mario Scerri
02 Charlene Grima & Natasha Grima Ġwienaħ il-Fantazija Joe Julian Farrugia Dominic Galea
03 Ivan Spiteri Lucas Dehriet Sbieħ Paul Ellul Mark Spiteri Lucas
04 Leontine Camilleri Ġmiel ta’ Sebħ Julie Brincat Renato Briffa
05 Redent Falzon Sakemm Joe Julian Farrugia Anthony Buttigieg
06 Incorvaja Sisters Żgħażugħ Għal Dejjem Felicienne Fenech Caruana Augusto Cardinali
07 Incorvaja Sisters Kif Ħarbulna! Joe Chircop Noel Calleja
08 Fabrizio Faniello Qalbi Tgħix Għalik Georgina Abela Paul Abela
09 Mariosa Xuereb Bi Kliemna Paul Ellul Mark Spiteri Lucas
10 Eleanor Cassar Ħallini Ħdejk Joe Chircop Renato Briffa
11 Alison Ellul Spirtu Żgħażugħ Paul Callus Philip Vella
12 Jeffrey Scicluna Saltniet Il-Konkrit Paul Callus John David Zammit
13 Sharon Borg Qawwa ta’ l-Imħabba Carmen Dimech Augusto Cardinali
14 Phyllisienne Brincat Fjur ta’ L-Imħabba’ Paul Callus Alison Ellul
15 Adelina Attard Dawl Tama’Kwiekeb Sunny Aquilina Jason Paul Cassar
16 Olivia Lewis & Marvic Lewis Ftit Xewk u Ħafna Ward Carmen Dimech Chan Vella
17 Miriam Christine Nistaqsi Georgina Abela Paul Abela
18 Catherine Vigar Ibqa Miegħi Joe Chircop Renato Briffa
19 Marbeck Spiteri Rapsodija Moħbija Felicienne Fenech Caruana Fredrick Camilleri
20 Antoinette Cassar Ngħixu l-Ħolm Joe Chircop Renato Briffa


During the intervall till on could know the winner result by the jury where entertainment by the the winner of 1998 edition Tarcisio Barbara, YADA Dancers, Mike Spiteri,William Mangion, Claudette Pace, Benny and Tonia, Alision White Dancers, George Curmi 'il-Puse', and the dancers of Daphne Lungano.

Festival Comperes

The Presenters of this editon of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza where George Micallef, Maryanne Puli and Hector Bruno.


The trofies where made by Marco Cremona, and the first three winners will got a trophy and Lm 400 for the first place, trophy and Lm 250 for the second place, trophy and Lm 150 for the third place. Beside that their where trophies for the Best Interpretation and for the Best Lyrices and the Best Music.

The Prezies was presented by the Nationalist Party Leader Dr.Edward Fenech Adami and the General Secretary Dr.Lawrence Gonzi


Here are the Winning Finalist Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer
01 Miriam Christine Nistaqsi Georgina Abela Paul Abela
02 Fabrizio Faniello Qalbi Tgħix Għalik Georgina Abela Paul Abela
03 Adelina Attard Dawl Tama’Kwiekeb Sunny Aquilina Jason Paul Cassar

Others Prizes

  • Best Interpretation:- Nistaqsi sung by Miriam Christine Borg
  • Best Lyrics: - Nistaqsi by Ġeorġina Abela
  • Best Composer:-