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Carmen Dimech

Carmen Dimech who was born on 18 October, 1942 at the Capital City of Malta, Valletta, as Carmen Piccinino to Annie and Paul Piccinino, is a renowned Maltese Author and Lyricist Carmen wrote over then 200 songs.

She has over the years achieved many awards and recognitions through her in Malta. She is married to Salvu Dimech and they have 3 children named Charles, Isabelle and Mariano.

Her many talents began to reveal at her tender age when she began writing poems at age 13. Through the encouragement of her late father Paul Piccinino, her talents eventually developed into writing stage plays and songs lyrics.

Teamed with late Maestro Carmelo Zammit, they both produced many great songs together that won several awards.

Ma Niċħdek Qatt and Quddiem Tal-Madonna are the 2 songs that are among her personal best album called Mill-Pinna Tiegħi.

Ma Niċħdek Qatt is a patriotic song for Malta presented by Dorian Micallef at a National Song Competition themed Wardakanta when he was 14 years old. Today, Dorian is a prominent actor.

Ma Niċħdek Qatt reproduced and sung by the renowned singer Renato.

Quddiem L-Inkwatru Tal-Madonna was recorded in the 80's and sung by Gillian Attard when she was merely 8 years old that won her 1st Place in a song competition. The song was a big hit for a long period of time and still remain popular till today. Gillian Attard continues in her singing career and also teaches singing and got a choir named La Voix Academy Choir and form their kids there are younger promitted singers like Gaia Cauchi, Veronica Rotin, Federika Falzon and Shauna Vassallo who get a lot of succees in italy , in Gerry Scotti TV program Io Canto and Gaia Cauchi went also for the Junior Eurovsion 2013 in November and win for the first time.

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