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Hector Bruno

Hector Bruno born on 6 July, 1959 comes from the Capital City of Malta, Valletta. He was a Journalist, Presenter and Actor.

Hector studied at the Lyceum. He Started his carers as an actor with the Antoninani at Valletta. He comes from the Parish church of St Paul’s Shipwreck.

He started his jounalist career with the In-Nazzjon Tagħna, being propmted to the post of Assistant editor, and concepts and designs editor.

He left the editoral post to take post in public relations officer with the Ministry for the environment and late with the Ministry for Education and later with the Ministry for Education and human resources.

Hector Bruno as Grezzju Carabott

In 1985 Hector Bruno was eelcted as Vice President of the MZPN and also become a member to PN’s executive committee. In 1987 he was appointed general secretary of the National Festivities Committee and later, President of the Għaqda tal-Pawlini (1991-1995).

In 1992 Hector Bruno contested the elections of the local council for Valletta and became the first Capital City’s Mayor.

He also was the editor of the magazine Il-Kapitali and took part in various theatrical productions as an actor and also as presenter. He taken part in serveral pantos in the main part as the Dame. He also present serverals tv and radio programms, and also presented the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza for many times.

Hector who is the uncle of singer Laura Bruno wrote a song called Fjura li ntfiet composed by Dominic Cini about her mother loss in January 2016 and she will sing at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza - 2016.

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