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Benny and Tonia

In 1983 Benny, Tonia, with their two sons, Reuben and Simon used to go singing all over Malta and Gozo as a family. Reuben was the well know DJ Ruby . Simon was a drummer; singer and he would have been a great musician. He also used to do acting at school. Simon passed away on the 10 September 1992. with meningitis.

In 1985 started the duo Benny and Tonia and the group The Rookies finished.

In 1988 Benny and Tonia have sang the song Forza Malta dedicated to the national football team of Malta. This song was composted and written by Benny.

They played in serveral hotels around the island.

Benny and Tonia have performed in England, Ireland, Germany, America and Canada. We had invitations to go to Australia, but to go there it means that we have to leave our job behind for about a month as Australia is so far away, while when we went to sing in other countries we only stayed for a week or less.

Regarding Australia Tonia, Benny and the children went there in 1983 and Tonia have been there 2 other times on my own for the wedding of her sister’s children.

Now a days Benny and Tonia do a living only on singing. They also have their own recording studio and they record their own cd`s and do everything themselves. Tonia creates the cover of the cd`s, while Benny composes and writes the songs, plays the music and do the mastering of the cd`s. It’s a job that they both like.

This year 2015 it will be the 30 years anniversary singing as Benny and Tonia.

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