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San Remo Junior 2014

San Remo Junior is a well known Festival all over the world organized by Societs Kismet srl. - Italy – This is the fifth year that this festival is being organized. It is a singing and musical contest for soloists, to spread and give importance to music and singing among the younger people, putting them in touch with professionals in this sector in an international and multiethnic environment.

Antonella Vassallo has been entrusted with the exclusivity of the Malta National Finals for Malta’s participation in the 5th Edition of San Remo Junior international singing festival for children between the ages of six years (6) and fifteen years (15) which will take place in the famous Teatro Ariston, in San Remo, Italy on 7 th,8 th, 9 th and 10 th May, 2014.

The singers will perform live accompanied by the San Remo Orchestra.

Twenty six songs were selected from the singers category. Six musicians were also selected in the musicians category. The selected ones will perform for the Finals, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre on Saturday 5th April, 2014. The finals are going to be transmitted LIVE on TVM at 20.30hrs, where the winner from each category will be selected to take part in San Remo Junior in May. The singers will perform live.

There was about 66 appilcant who was judge by a professional panel like Mro.Alan Chircop, Aldo Busuttil, Amber Bondin, Michelle Micallef, James Catania and Roger Tirazona. And they chose orginaly 20 but their was a tie and decided to chose 26 for the Final.


There are 2 categories: SINGERS & MUSICIANS, sectioned as follows:

  • Musicians Category : From 6 to 15 years old. 6 participants
  • A. From 6 to 9 years old. 2 Participants
  • B. From 10 to 12 years old. 12 Participants
  • C. From 13 to 15 years old. 11 Participants

  • Musicians Category
No Performers Instrument Year Video
01 Dimitry Ishkhanov Pianist 2005
02 Pamela Zahra Accordian 2000
03 Alec Carter Pianist 2005
04 Michelle Farrugia Drummer 2002
05 Laetitia Amodio Pianist 2002
06 Daniel Farrugia Electric Guitar 2005

San Remo Junior – Section ‘A’ 6 years to 9 years

No Singers Songs Year Video
01 Eksenia Sammut Volevo Un Gatto Nero 2007 (Click for Video)
02 Neil Sant Who’s Loving You 2008 (Click for Video)
03 Alec Carter Tefa's Theme (Pianist) 2005 (Click for Video)

San Remo Junior – Section ‘B’ 10 years to 12 years

No Singers Songs Year Video
04 Kayley Cuschieri Halleluiah 2003 (Click for Video)
05 Kylie Meilak I’Am Changing 2004 (Click for Video)
06 Reanue Falzon Glitter And Gold 2001 (Click for Video)
07 Nicole Frendo Halleluiah 2002
08 Charisse Azzopardi I Surrender 2002 (Click for Video)
09 Destiny Chukunyere Respect 2002 (Click for Video)
10 Paolo Micallef That’s Life 2002 (Click for Video)
11 Demi Galea Hurt 2003 (Click for Video)
12 Raisa Marie Micallef I Dreamed A Dream (Click for Video)
13 Christina Magrin Suus 2003 (Click for Video)
14 Thea Gauci It’s My Time 2002 (Click for Video)
15 Milena Bianco I Surrender 2002 (Click for Video)
16 Noelene Borg Bring Me To Life 2001 (Click for Video)

San Remo Junior – Section ‘C’ 13 years to 15 years

No Singers Songs Year Video
17 Karl Schembri La Voix 2000
18 Myron Jose’ Agius In Diavolo In Me 2000
19 Jade Marie Vella Love You I Do 1999
20 Shauna Fitz Mercy 2000 (Click for Video)
21 Victoria Sciberras Nothing’s Real But Love 2000 (Click for Video)
22 Rachel Mamo I Have Nothing 1999
23 Aidan Cassar That’s Life 1999 (Click for Video)
24 Kelsey Bellante Lesten 2001 (Click for Video)
25 Elaine Haber Beautiful 2000 (Click for Video)
26 Emma Muscat Hurt
27 Sebastian Carl Calleja If Tomorrow Never Come 1999 (Click for Video)

The comperes of the Festivals were Lara Azzopardi (Cuschieri) and Jean Paul Carbonaro and their script was penned by Joe Julian Farrugia. The Festival was viewed live on MTV. The show opened with dancing by the Arts Excel St Michael School. Gaia Cauchi winner of San Remo Junior 2012 made short live transmissions from inside the Green Room, while the winner of the San Remo Junior 2013 Ilenia Camilleri was involved with children's juries.

The jurys for the musicians competiton where:-

While the jurys for the singers competiction where (some foriegers person) and Maltese:-

Under the chairman Robert Cefai and the osservation of the Notary Dr.Smith La Rosa.

Frans Lia was the director of the stage, while Martin Mercieca was the direcitor for the evening transmition. Till the results where announced there was an entertament spots by special guest Arts Excell, St Michael School, Brooke Borg, Tony Maiello, Ilenia Camilleri and Gaia Cauchi.

The winners results where this

Destiny Chukunyere winner of San Remo Junior 2014

The presentation of the trophies to the winners was done by the organised by Antonella Vassallo Director of Stand Out Events and Chev. Paolo Alberti, who said that their where a good level and for this reasons true his committee, he choose another two singers Kylie Meilaq coached by Gillian Attard and Karl Schembri coached by Claire McCartin and Chev. Paolo Alberti contuned said, that he saw too higher level, that he, under his responsibility, chose other singer by himself, and this was Sebastian Carl Calleja coached by Glen Vella.

The Show begain at 8.45pm and finshed at 1.00am.

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