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Brooke Borg

Brooke's artistic talent became noticeable at the tender age of 4. Taking a keen interest in dance lessons, she began studying Ballet and Jazz at the College of Jazz dance. At the age of 5 she also took up singing, performing on various shows and contests around Malta and Italy.

Her creative enthusiasm didn’t stop there; at only 9 years old she added piano to her already growing mix of musical talents and developed a passion for soul music. She was inspired by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Roberta Flack but at the same time would delight in the passionate sophistication and emotional expression of Italian singers like Caruso, Giorgia and Alex Baroni.

This love relationship with soul music and Italian music took her on a rich and deep journey of musical maturity beyond her years.

Brooke Borg

Brooke also discovered an eye for TV and was quickly recognized as a popular TV presenter for shows like ‘Little Ones’ an Maltese children's program.

Naturally, acting and face modelling became opportunities that would thrust this young star into a world of endless possibilities and creative fulfillment.

She has supported the likes of Taio Cruz, Laura Pausini and has collaborated with Tony Maeillo and been the chosen face of a “New Look” campaign. So… what is next? To take on the world! To use music as a platform to share who she really is: A beautiful, aspiring, and purposeful young woman devoted to music and the freedom to express her inner most being through music!

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