Jean Paul Carbonaro

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Jean Paul Carbonaro

Jean Paul Carbonaro was born on 8 Febuary, 1990 at Tal-Pietà and grew up in Birkirkara. He is an actor and model.

His uncle are well know in the music scene when one could name Sergio Carbonaro and even his cousin Peter Carbonaro.

Jean Paul started learning about acting on television through the course of Actors workshop by Louise Doneo. In this workshop we basically learnt a lot of essential things about acting from facial expressions to body language etc.. My first experience was in theater and i played the role of John one of the apostles at the age of 19.

Then he went on to try his luck at an audition for Riħ Isfel and he landed the role of a drug addicted and took part in two episodes on Net TV Malta. A year later he got to know that there were auditions for Emilja season 2 and since acting is something that he have always loved and gave it a try.

Jean Paul Carbonaro

They called him for a second audition and that is when he got to know that he was actually chosen to take part in a new drama called Dreams this is when he landed his first main acting role. Dreams produced by Rewind Productions with the direction of Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber went on for 2 seasons (2011-2013) and taking part in this drama taught him a lot and he consider it as an important part in his career as it gave him his first real exposure to the acting world.

He played the role of Jake Perry, who was a teenager with a sister in a wheelchair and no parents. He therefore had to become someone he isn't in order to take care of his sister leading him to become a thief. This was very challenging for me but i enjoyed playing it even more as it gave him a challenge and a goal. Dreams even gave him the opportunity to take part in a musical theater because at the end of season 1 we brought dreams to the audience in the form of a musical.

This was an amazing experience as he got to meet a lot of fans which gave him the courage to pursue on. After Dreams he had lots of interviews and adverts and he had the opportunity to meet with Silvio Simac with whom he spoke about martial arts and his acting career.

Finally this April he was chosen by Antonella Vassallo who was the executive producer, to be a presenter for the first time in San Remo Junior Malta 2014 with Lara Cuschieri who is also a very popular actress in Malta. I enjoyed this opportunity a lot as i did something different but still something that in the end taught give him something for his future.