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Claire McCartin

Claire McCartin born on 8 December 1972. She is from l-Iklin and lives at Ħal-Lija. She is a qualified vocal instructor hailing from Malta. She is also a well-known vocalist with a distinctive blues voices and a songwriter/composer.

Musical Background

Claire’s musical journey began at age 8 when she started studying piano and music theory. Over the years, she studied classical music, voice and theory, and performed as a choir member and soloist with the Maltese gospel EnKor Choir. Since 2000 she has also been a proud member and soloist of the ever-popular VOICES choir.

In order to sustain and enhance her versatility and vocal exploration, in 2007, she trained at the Malta Academy of Performing Arts, studying stage performance, songwriting and the critically acclaimed Speech Level Singing (SLS) technique with London-based Joshua Alamu. In September 2011, she completed a two-year program with the renowned Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA, gaining a Master Certificate in Theory, Harmony and Ear Training.

Malta Song for Europe

In February 2010, Claire was one of 20 finalists in the GO Malta EuroSong 2010 leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest. Out of 122 contestants, Claire made it through to the final with “Ole Satchmo Blues”, a song composed by herself and written in collaboration with Erin Stewart Tanti.


Other songs Claire has written include The Cassandra in collaboration with Erin Stewart Tanti, I WannaBe… in collaboration with Justine Odom and My Dark Side together with Rebecca Sammut.

Vocal Instructor

Claire McCartin was involved with the Speech Level Singing (SLS) organisation for six years, as a student for that length of time and as a certified SLS instructor for five. In 2013, Claire decided to move to the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), an organisation completely focused on quality teacher training for singing instructors worldwide. She is now a Licensed and Certified Level III IVA instructor. She has developed a strong talent to hear imbalance in the voice and corrects it using the tools found in the IVA method. Her skill has been honed through observation classes and private lessons with Maestro Seth Riggs and Greg Enriquez (of SLS), and Jeffrey Skouson, Spencer Welch and Guy Babusek (of IVA), and many other educational courses and classes offered throughout the SLS and IVA communities.

She is the resident vocal coach of DLS Productions, and is a teacher of the vocals syllabus of the UK examination board Rockschool. Claire was also one of the first Maltese to start learning Russian way back in 1987. She furthered her studies of the Russian language when she studied at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow. She now combines her two passions – her love of Russia, its culture and its people… and music. She regularly performs at events organised by the Russian community in Malta, she travels to Russia to judge at various singing festivals, and gives vocal lessons over the internet to singers who are based in Russia and in ex-Soviet countries. Claire currently works from her own studio, mentoring several established and upcoming artists.

Claire McCartin

Other highlights

In January 2006, Claire had the honour of performing the Russian song ‘U zerkala’ during a concert for the then President of Malta at his residence in San Anton Palace.

In October 2008 in Russia and again in June 2009 in Austria, Claire was invited to perform at private banquets for audiences who hailed from various countries around Europe.

In summer 2009, Claire travelled to Los Angeles, California, to attend the Seth Riggs’ Summer Vocal Program, both as an artist and as a teacher-in-training. She was also one out of only 12 who qualified to attend an intensive Advanced Jazz Singing course by Michele Weir, whose vocal arrangements and orchestral works have been performed and recorded worldwide. Claire learned the intensity of the art of Jazz Singing and creative expression, ornamentation, style and communication of emotion.

In 2010, she performed with the Mediterranean Voices choir at the Royal Albert Hall in London during a Beatles Tribute.

Also in 2010, she performed together with a select few from Voices during the famous annual Concerto di Natale, broadcast on Italian prime time TV, accompanying many great artists from the Italian music industry.

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